The Great Invitations Disaster

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The Great Invitations Disaster
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On day 250 of the new world, admin issued every eRepublik member with unlimited invites as a way of celebrating the milestone. Concerned about the definite possibility that people would take advantage of the situation the original pope, miladmzz created a petition for it to stop[1].

His concerns were soon seen to be valid ones as many users signed his petition. Before the day was over, the concerns of the Church and many eRepublik users had been answered and the invitations were taken away. No-one knows how many users could have multi-accounted in the time-frame they had, however; all that mattered was that something like this was prevented from causing further harm.

It was also on this day that all of the 'chans' (a serious of websites said to be the origin of Pakistans population) were down, preventing the Dioist followers from recruiting more to their cause.