The International Peace Corps

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

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Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

The International Peace Corps

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Tutela, Muneris, Superbia

General Information
Disbanded N/A
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The International Peace Corps aka Peace Corps was an army that went to help out smaller countries by being attacked by bigger countries (Brazil, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Romania, etc.); It is a Worldwide Army, meaning that anyone can join from anywhere in the game.


The Peace Corps were formed on the 7th September, 2010 by KarlKorne[1]. They were to serve primarily to defend smaller countries from other countries, and offer an alternative to other armies in the eWorld. The group had 2 squads: the 1st Security Battalion - Golden Shields and the 2nd Security Battalion - BroadSwords.


The Peace Corps also run 10 companies, which it runs through its organization Korne Enterprising.

a List of the companies below (In order of Quality):

  • Peace Corps - Rifle - A Q1 Rifle Company.
  • Peace Corps - Logistics - A Q1 Moving ticket Company.
  • Peace Corps - Iron - A Q1 Iron Company.
  • Peace Corps - Oil - A Q1 Oil Company.
  • Peace Corps - Titanium - A Q1 Titanium Company.
  • Peace Corps - Grain - A Q1 Grain Company.
  • Peace Corps - Artillery - A Q2 Artillery Company.
  • Peace Corps - Food - A Q2 Food Company.
  • Peace Corps - Tank - A Q3 Tank Company.
  • Peace Corps - Helicopters - A Q3 Air unit Company.


The Peace Corps had a Newspaper Peace Corp Media. Its goal was to inform and Recruit new members in all aspects of the Battle Groups movements and accomplishments.

Important People

Executive Commandant - KarlKorne - last known on the position
The Executive Commandant was the Chief of the Peace Corps. Overseeing the whole operation of the Peace Corps on a daily basis. Working with the Unit commanders to make sure every unit is well supplied and funded. Ensuring that the Peace Corps first takes care of its own infrastructure and membership. Then looking outward to ensure the standard of Excellence, Honor, Integrity is being maintained by all the Commanders.

Executive Logistics General - Paschoall - last known on the position
The Executive Logistics General was charged with overseeing the management of all Peace Corps Raw Material companies as well as the Food Company. Ensuring that production is being maintained at a high quality to provide soldiers with a steady and secure supply of health and happiness. Other duties of the ELG is to maintain and form business arrangements to supply the Peace Corps with extra materials should the Peace Corps be not meeting its needed quota.

Executive Security General -
The Executive Security General was charged with the duty of managing the Security Peace Corps forces. Ensuring all troops are actively participating in ATO, Defensive Tactical Operations, Training Exercises. The Executive Security General also guides new security officers into the roles they accept. Teaching them the ways of a great leader and to inspire the security troops placed under their command.

Executive Adviser - Acacia Mason and Snakeyes - last known on the position
Executive Adviser was a long time trusted member of the Peace Corps, who have been kept in the Executive branch to help maintain and build up the Peace Corps. The role was mainly that of advisory and ideas. Executive Adviser was trusted and given special roles pending needs of the Peace Corps.


The following is the last known membership.

1st Security Battalion - Golden Shields

First Battalion Officer Staff

First Battalion Officers

First Battalion Senior Enlisted Command

First Battalion Security Troops


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