The Irish Republican Party

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eIrish Republican Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Forum [1]
President don.squire
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Eire Aontaithe
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The eIrish Republican Party was a political party in Ireland. It was later renamed Eire Aontaithe.



  • The current policy of State funded employment for low skill workers is acceptable.
  • The State needs to invest resources into a sustainable construction industry. The private sector is full of poor wellness and even poorer wages. Government incentives should be made available to existing G-Irish companies.
  • We see state loans to trust worthy citizens as a positive thing and believe no interest should be payed unless the repayment is late
  • The State-run Raw material companies are vital to our manufacturing success. They should be producing large quantities of Raw goods to be sold on the National Market. These companies should recruit eIrish citizens who can produce high quantities of product. Many of our citizens desire to travel (and fight) abroad, this is one method of doing this.
  • We believe that the direct intervention policy of Banc Ceannais in controlling the Money market is currently the best policy. We feel that the current rate (0.019Gold/IEP) is appropriate to encourage growth.
  • We believe in that the current income tax (7% in most sectors))is appropriate.
  • Current Import rates (60% in most sectors) is also appropriate though we feel that better protectionist policies should be evaluated as economic growth happens.
  • The current State Loan Scheme for upgrading raw material companies and purchasing an export license is an important program. Investment in the private sector is necessary to achieving greater economic growth and autonomy.
  • Banc Ceannais Security: We believe only 2 people should have the password, the president and the minister of finance so the money in the account can be safe, in case of a security alert in the account, we believe the gold and money should be quickly sent to the Taoiseach’s account so only he has access and the finances can remain safe


  • eIreland has long been considered Neutral and/or Independent. We feel that this is a policy that must change. While we do not support any Imperialistic designs we do support strong alliances that liberate enslaved and occupied nations.
  • The eIRP is a pro-military party. We support military actions and encourage that as many soldiers who wish to deploy may do so.
  • We support Gentleman's agreements such as the Raleigh Treaty and propose that these types of agreements be created and honored with many Non-aligned and Neutral nations.
  • The sovereign soil of any nation (the original owners) should be respected and protected. eIreland should do everything in her power Diplomatically, Economically and through direct military involvement to support this. (Temporary invasions into sovereign soil and wars of liberation, while supported, should be carefully evaluated prior to any commitment of troops.)
  • In all known cases eIreland should support the resistance of Imperialist designs even if these designs are made by our current allies.
  • The deployment of mobile squads of IDF Rangers is a priority, they should be provided with weapons and moving tickets in order to ensure successful campaigns.
  • We would commit resources to develop strong weapons companies that can employ IDF Rangers in order for them to "earn" deployments.
  • We would like to have a large stockpile of high quality weapons, moving tickets and gifts to help Ireland in a time of need
  • We support Alliances and a Real War for the growth benefits it brings. Better economic benefits, greater citizen wellness, better military organization, higher citizen retention, larger foreign immigration, better off-site citizen recruiting (baby boom tactics)


  • We aim to make the eIRP the party of change. Among the current political parties there is very little diversity in policy. The eIRP stand for joining an alliance, something no other current Top 5 party supports.
  • the eIRP will follow aggressive recruitment policies. We welcome any new members who acknowledge that our policies are important for the overall advancement of the eIrish Citizens.
  • We encourage a system of true party politics, where-in elected Presidents should fill their cabinet with members of their own party or those within parties at endorsed the successful campaign . We feel that this creates true political competition and allows citizens to vote based on policies (not personalities). We also feel that this allows direct accountability to the party for the failure of any of it's members holding public position.

Foreign Policy

  • We wish to have an ambassador for every sovereign nation in eRepublik. We would require a compulsive Ambassadorship term from each elected TD. Exceptions only for Presidential Cabinet Ministers (and Junior Ministers in some cases) and Party Presidents. This, in addition to voting records, is a measurement of a TD's effectiveness and work ethic
  • Since it is very difficult to fill all ambassador positions we should evaluate having a Special Envoy oversee regional Foreign Affairs duties, however, a single Ambassador should be selected for nations considered a high priority to international security.
  • We should cooperate with other nations who support our foreign policies. We should formalize relations with as many nations as possible by entering into Gentleman's Agreements, such as the Raleigh Treaty.

Public Services

  • The Government should continue working to help eCitizens keep high health using gift exchange, wargames, housing schemes, etc.
  • A comprehensive leveling program should be setup to ensure maximum fighting/health. This program would entail State subsidization of costs when a new citizen commits all of their first 5 Gold earned to purchase a Q1 House, 10 Q1 Weapons and 10 Q1 Gifts. Funds should not initially come from the State, but the State should subsidize Citizen expenses upon program completion.
  • Continue to make national forum sign-up a priority.
  • No Citizen will receive government services (Health/Wellness) without being signed up on the forums.
  • Continue to support the University of Ireland and expand the class size and budget.
  • Ministries of Health, New Citizens and Information should follow the lead of project "Befriend the Nation" whereby every active citizen gets a friend request from each of these Ministries.


  • In order to grow our population aggressive Immigration policies should be enacted.
  • The Ministry should publish weekly articles in several eRepublik nations deemed priority for Immigration.
  • The Ministers of Immigration and Information should work together to research a cost-of-living analysis for priority nations to show potential citizens the economic benefits of immigrating.
  • Citizenship tests should be administer to every applicant.
  • Citizenship applications coming from those who have served in Congress (having congress medals) shall be thoroughly back-ground checked by either the Minister of Immigration of the Minister of Information prior to citizenship being granted.

Northern Ireland

  • The eIRP has no official position on Northern Ireland other than it is the sovereign territory of the eUK and should be treated as such regardless of RL issues or personal feelings.
  • RL issues shall not be allowed to influence party policy regarding this subject.

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