The Jewish Unity

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The Jewish Unity

Party-The Jewish Unity.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Abbreviation TJU
Founded 16 July 2008
Dissolved 16 December 2008
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Chakma Dostluk Partisi
Orientation Center-Right

The Jewish Unity (TJU) was the main political party in the Turkey province of Israel. It was founded by Hufflepuff on 16 July 2008 as a political outlet for the conquered Israelis in Turkey.

In December 2008 Party President Elections hamaham have been the new president of the party and he's changed party name as Turkish Hebrew Union Party, but later the party was renamed to Chakma Dostluk Partisi.


The mission of the TJU was:

  • to support Jewish Citizens
  • to be THE political voice for Jews in Turkey
  • to gain independence for Israel

Party Presidents

The following table lists the party presidents of the TJU.

Month Elected Name
July 2008 Hufflepuff
August 2008 Hufflepuff
September 2008 Baruch ben Kahane
October 2008 Bada Boom
November 2008 Bada Boom

TJU Congress Members

The following table lists the TJU members that have served in the Congress of Turkey.

Month Elected Congress member
August 2008 FreakyG, Hufflepuff
September 2008 Bada Boom, Dimatrios, fimo, nubi, Hufflepuff, Cokeman
October 2008 Bada Boom, Dimatrios, fimo, nubi, Hufflepuff, Cokeman, Baruch ben Kahane, omerr313, Dimmu, blanco12, Matan Galin, Gathering, idanf, TheFirst, Intereza, schlomo-schlomi, JozGold