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Nationality Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican
Date of birth 9 January 2009 - Day 416
Residence Valley of Mexico, Mexico
Congress member of Croatia
February 26, 2009 – March 25, 2009
Served under Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Military rank Icon rank Captain*.png Captain*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

The_K is a citizen of Mexico. He was born in Central Croatia and together with Selector established Ured dobrodoslice (Welcoming Comitee). These was one of the institution were very important in v1 for newborn Croatian citizens. Dissatisfied with a political development in the presidential elections in April which made a mockery of democracy, he moved to Mexico.

Early life

The_K is a young man from Central Croatia. He works in the manufacturing skill business and was a member of the Hrvatski Liberalni Demokrati political party for a short while. Afterwards, The_K became a member of the HDS. This proved to be a very active political party and The_K fitted in very well. His level of activity and many suggestions were soon recognized and he was elected as a congressman.


In his one term as a congressman, The_K proposed something not seen before in Croatia - he introduced government laws for the congressmen to vote upon in the country forum, outside the game limits, and enforce them inside the game. This also led to the changing of the constitution. Alas, his term in congress ended, and he was 1 voice short of entering the congress again. As he was the one leading the wave of changes the discussion stopped until he could enter the congress again.

A startling development

There was a political development in the presidential elections in April which made a mockery of democracy. The_K could not stand such an act against democracy, and since his party would not publicly speak up against it he decided to leave the party. He would stand up for his beliefs in democracy and freedom.

Currency collection

The_K started this ambitious project on the 437th day of the New World. The idea was to collect all the currencies in the New World exclusively through citizen donations, asking for a 0.01 sample. When currencies system was changed, his mission become futile.

At the time he started there were 46 currencies in existence, not counting Gold which is the basis of all currency.

Gold coins.jpg

The eRepublik forum was used for communicating this idea to the New World population and soon there were some interested people. The topic can still be seen at the forum.

It took 11 days, and at the end of the 448th day the currency collection was complete with 46 currencies! A total of 21 citizens and organizations donated samples of currencies. This is the list of contributors in the order in which the donations were received:

Rocco Granata
Key 07
Rocco del Mar Group
Texas Industries
Stefan cel Mare
Pierric Bross

Four more

The very next day after the collection was completed, four more countries were added to eRepublik. As the idea of the collection was for it to contain all known currencies in the New World, this meant four more were needed! Luckily, within two days, an already mentioned contributor Pierric Bross, contributed samples of the four new currencies.

Currency V2.jpg

Another country added

On day 477 of the New World, country Bosnia and Herzegovina was added to the game. Friend Freeman made fast donation of 0.01 BAM so that the currency collection remaind up to date!

The Baltic Countries

On day 505 of the New World, the three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been added to the game. This meant three new currencies for the collection.

  • EEK (Estonian currency) was donated by coryj101.
  • LVL and LTL were donated by dionysus, a player who had already donated to the collection (see above).

Citizen1272878 v2.jpg


South Korea was already in the game, but on day 540 North Korea was added as well. Their currency, KPW, has been donated by John de Lange