The Likud Party

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The Likud Party

Party-The Likud Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Abbreviation LIKUD
Forum [1]
Colors Blue/White
Founded December 2007
President Jeff Sullivan
Members 17
Congress Occupancy 9/40 seats 23.08%
Succeeded By The Consolidation Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Likud Party (LIKUD) Was eIsrael's oldest existing party, formed several months before the Turkey-Israel War. It served as Israel's ruling party during the economic crisis that preceded the invasion and is as strong now as it has ever been. The IRC for the Likud Party can be found on the Rizon server at "#likud"(without quotes).

Party Views

Mission Statement

The Likud Party stands for the ideals upon which Israel is founded: liberty, justice, and the inalienable right of self-determination.

Democratic Reform and Transparency

Perhaps one of the biggest relics of our relatively short history of being repatriated was an all powerful leader, an all powerful political party and a disengaged citizenry outside of those in power. We need to engage our citizenry, and provide them ideas and hope, and believe that their voice matters, not just the voices of those in government. We need to make government accountable and transparent for all citizens in a participatory process that gives people faith in government and want to get involved them, knowing anyone can make a difference. The first step Likud has taken to remedy this is to create the most organized and modern party in eIsrael. There is now a powerful opposition that is growing in strength every day and is a force to be reckoned with. However, this is only one a baby step in the grand scheme of things, where much needs to be done. The process involved has many inter-connected solutions that will benefit all.

As part of our reform and modernization of our democracy, New Likud will:

- Create a new forum with a powerful format with a url that is easy to remember and well advertised. Our current forums have an ambiguous URL that is impossible to remember, and a horrible client that is cumbersome, not dynamic or includes the power to effectively manage eIsrael, is not aesthetically pleasing to use or view and is poorly advertised. Forums are a wonderful tool to engage the public and let them participate in eIsrael, and it is no surprise they are not currently.

- Draft official government documents, including a constitution that regulate the actions of Congress and the President and forums, and clearly outline their powers and responsibilities.

- Create mechanisms of accountability and transparency between forums and Congressional rules that are transparent for citizens, but responsible in not divulging sensitive information. This will include a budget and other means of justifying and accounting for money that the tax payer funds and an audit of where and how the country funds, are spent and how government organizations are run.

Citizen Support and Wellness

The size of eIsrael’s citizenry is of the highest importance. A large and active society is a powerful society. All of the proposals we make have an eye directly or indirectly towards forwarding this goal. However, one area that I will outline specifically is New Likud's plans to engage new players to ensure that when they get here that they stay here and so that not one citizen is left behind. The current situation, as it is, is run by the mantra that help is available for those who want it. This is a failure of an informal policy for many reasons because, most importantly, new citizens don't even know what they want or need and scarcely ask for help or support and what the importance of some particular game stats entail. With our lack of hospitals in eIsrael (which we plan to improve) wellness, especially for new players is a serious problem. Not only is high wellness good for the particular ecitizen, more importantly, it is good for our business and productivity.

New Likud will engage and support new citizens in the following ways:

- The immediate creation of an organization called the "The Likud Party Charity" which will be funded by member donations and run by user support personnel. New citizens will receive, free of charge, aid for wellness when in trouble, support in the functions of the game and if requested, be provided with guides on how to better maintain and improve your ecitizen.

- The creation of a government Health Care Service, where by citizens receive wellness for paying a premium and goods provided at low cost by a government organization in partnership in consultation with the private sector so not to put potential burgeoning gift companies out of business should a strong gift sector emerge.

Economic Development

eIsrael is facing an economic crisis, and is related directly to many other problems. Indeed, often times it is the source of some of these problems. Our wages are not high enough because there is no competition, and high taxes. The price of our goods is too expensive for many of the same reasons. There are not enough jobs in low skill industry to even accomodate new citizens. New citizens or citizens who move from other countries are shocked how much of a sacrifice they must make to be prosperous in eIsrael. New Likud is the party of low taxes, and a business friendly environment for our local producers and manufacturers. We will create an environment for all citizens and business to thrive by lowering their burdens and protect their interests from foreign companies.

The goal of the last, outgoing President and to some degree our current President has been to lower protections to business. We are not opposed to creating a free trade deal, with some of these ideas of a mutually beneficial agreement with our allies. However, we believe lowering import taxes on our business, in absence of legitimate deals on trade, does not help our economic situation but indeed, hurts it. The current government unapologetically has decided to cripple our grain sector and proposes even less protections than we have currently. New Likud believes strongly in protecting all sectors of our economy, even grain, so that we may support a more dynamic economy for new ecitizens and those who want to move here. However, this is not a black and white issue as has been suggested by some in the IWP. The past congress had our grain import taxes at 99% and then 70%, and now has decided to completely remove them in a complete 180 degree turn in policy. The Likud party promotes an import tax on grain that is 15%, which strikes a balance between protecting local business interests and allowing foreign companies to come and compete with our grain sector freely.

Along with providing a responsible, business and tax friendly environment, New Likud offers bold and innovative business development plans:

- Open a dialogue with business owners with the Minister of Finance and Deputy Minister of Finance to create a working relationship that understands and takes into account their needs.

- Support an expansion of a government run private donations fund, designed to private creative support of attracting and supporting new business and ecitizens as well as help in building hospitals, and Defense systems where they are so dearly needed.

- Support the regional development of all regions of eIsrael so that population and growth thereof is evenly distributed.

- Make government corporations work to justify their existence and most importantly make them work for the people by making money while providing the desired service they were designed for. We are not opposed to government corporations, to the contrary, we plan to expand government programs, but believe government corporations need work for the tax dollars that they receive and justify the expense to the tax payer, not simply be a bottomless pit of tax dollars that provides questionable long term benefit for money

- Creative and innovative public-private partnerships unheard of in the rest of the eWorld. The objective of these partnerships will be to use tax payer dollars in creative ways that minimizes competition between the public sector and private and maximizes the benefit to the private sector of public initiatives.

- Assign Deputy Minister of Finance with the primary occupation of NIS promotion and regulation in consultation with the Minister of Finance and President.

- Creation of a national lottery where government earnings will be donated to its coffers.

Foreign Policy

One area where New Likud is very supportive of past governments was in the area of foreign policy and its non-alignment stance towards alliances. New Likud is very much committed to her allies and will do all we can to help strengthen, improve and widen those alliances. We will work hard to extend a hand of friendship to countries regardless of size, population or alliance. There is no prerequisite to developing good relations with other nations with eIsrael, and we will be active in seeking out friends the world over.

While the former President did a great job creating an effective foreign policy, he is only one man. Where eIsrael does lack, in it's communication with regimes outside of sphere of allies. For New Likud, the Minister of Foreign Affairs will be regarded as our most important priority in selecting a candidate who is capable of knowing the issues and is active enough to carry out the hefty goals of the Administration.

To improve and organize global Foreign Relations New Likud will:

- Create a massive and organized directory of contact information of other world, leaders and ministers and those parties friendly to eIsrael in government or opposition.

- The President, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs will be required to make at least one report weekly in private Cabinet forums about their experiences with other countries as well as their thoughts and analysis on the situation so that we may proceed accordingly.

Military Policy

The military as a whole, as it stands has a very extensive and intelligently comprised. The problem is not the organization and composition of the military, it is the expansion and creation of a hierarchy that is active and works effectively. From the perspective of New Likud, the Israeli Defense Force works decently and performance, all things considered, is satisfactory. The most important aspect that needs improvement is not the organization, it is to create an environment were more the IDF is more than simply 2 or 3 people whose activity has ebbs and flows in interest. The IDF needs strong directive from the President who is very active and in involved in the process. Secondly, the organization of the IDF must be comprised as such that active soldiers are put in positions where they succeed. It is not enough for government to create an environment and expect people to fill in the blanks. The administration must be involved in filling in the blanks and be proactive. The best aspects of sound leadership are micromanagement and not passively setting up a program and assuming the people will fill in the blanks. This will be the principle driving force between military organization. There will not be a reform of the system, because in our opinion it is very well constructed and does a suitable job when is needed. The job of New Likud is to cease on the current system and make it better from strong, active leadership, because there is certainly more room for improvement.


Position Person Term
Party President Jeff Sullivan October 2010 - Present
Party Vice-President JMatH
Party Communication Chair Unassigned
Party Historian Unassigned