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The Matza Party

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Abbreviation TMP, Matza
National rank 5
Website Matza Blog
Newspaper The Matza News
Organization Forever with Matza
Presentation TMP-Info
Chat #Matza
Colors Pink, Dark Blue
Founded 5 January 2010
eDay 777
Founder Xigna
President mib_boby
Vice President DoctorG
Members 82
Congress Occupancy 7 members
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Party History

The Matza Party have been created by Romanian player Xigna to remember the "Matzanesia" period. The party grew very fast. In only 15 days, TMP occupied place 5 in Romania top parties rank.

The Matza Party status

1. The name of the party is The Matza Party. The abbreviation is TMP.

2. The symbol of the party is the "Matza". (Cat)

3. The Matza Party militates for democracy, political pluralism, Romania independence and territorial integrity and respect for national sovereignty.

4. The Matza Party works to train all citizens to develop and promote the interests of Romanian society internationally.

5. The Matza Party is a free constitution of citizens acceding to the Statute of the Party and the candidates proposed by the party program and accept voluntarily contribute to the promotion and their application.

6. The president of the political party is the leader of The Matza Party and its values that symbolize fundamental ideological and political.

7. The Matza Party promotes a policy of quality, according to the rules of this site and the principles of democracy.

8. Matza can initiate various forms of collaboration, partnership or merger, internally, with different political parties.

9. Any congressman arrived in office with the support of TMP is required to be active both in the press and forum to come up with proposals and participate in discussions in Congress. Otherwise, you will not receive the support of The Matza Party in the event of new applications.

Status adopted in day 783.

The Matza Party principles

Contrary to some personal views, The Matza Party is a party not occur overnight, without any foundation and the sole purpose of obtaining positions in Congress. On the contrary. The Matza Party is a long term project which unites around him a number of increasingly larger players (199 now) and campaign actively for a number of principles. Below are listed some of the most important.

1. In politics

  • FUN is promoted in Politics policy of pleasure, without bitterness, without scandals aroused and maintained the personal interests or party. Make policy arguments, not the blunt objects, and an environment of data back blows.
  • are discouraged any dirty practices, to attract members by offering goods and benefits or purchase of seats in Congress.
  • total personal attacks are discouraged even from political opponents, is campaigning for cooperation and collaboration to achieve common goals.
  • Involvement of players (the idea, The Matza Party was the only party with a turnout of over 80% in the last election and has included a special rule regarding the activity status of the elected Congress party with support).
  • Matza will focus not on the accession of its members in key positions, but the implementation of programs to be in the interest of the country.

2. Economically

- The Matza Party seeks to promote measures to ensure a balance between the importance given to the state and development of the private initiative.

3. In social

  • is seeking to achieve a baby boom in the near future, and solutions involving absorption and young players.
  • The Matza Party will try to form a community first and foremost among the members of which to form relationships of mutual trust and respect. Any member Matza has an equal chance to become party chairman.

4. In military

- campaigning for a military campaign is focused on getting by Romania of new regions and for restructuring the Romanian Army.

5. Externally

- is encouraged close cooperation with Moldova, for its development as a strong partner in eastern Romania. Also, improving relations with EDEN, TERRA, neutral states and even ONE.

For a more clean, for more fun, choose The Matza Party!

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