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WHPR American Hero: The Mike

—America, September 2014

eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-USA.png American
National rank 46
Date of birth June 26, 2009
Residence Nashville, Tennessee
Sex Male
Political party Constitution Party
Faith Dioism
Married to Still a Bachelor
Newspaper Going Wild,
later known as:
Temerian Times
Military unit US Pentagon
Squadron Regiment 1
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend
Legend title Legends of USA:
tsewell Battalion I
Aircraft rank Wing commander 0.png Wing Commander

The Mike is a loyal member of the US society since the Spring of 2013. The Mike was born into eRepublik in the Summer of 2009, but his past prior to 2013 is unknown to the wide public. His early days remain a mystery for many men and only Dio knows The Mike's true roots. Rumours put him as former commander of EDEN, others say he is the nephew of Dio Brando. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. He first appeared in the USA society in late 2011 and since then has been known for his tactical skills within the military module. He joined as a member of We The People under Party President Hale26. He also joined the USAF Military Unit Ultramarines of which he later became Executive Commander! The Mike has been almost a constant member of the US Congress since April 2013 and he has clocked more than 55 terms as a Congressman! In August 2013 The Mike became part of the team of the Director of the National Security Council. He was also the Director of the NSC for four months in 2014. The Mike has been very active in the Executive Office of the USA, a regular contributor to the Presidential Daily Briefings and also held the Chief of Staff positions on numerous occasions, most notably under New Azazel in Nov-Dec 2013 and under Wild Owl in Jan-Feb 2015. Since the reformation of the United States Armed Forces and the merger of its military units into one, The Mike has been a senior officer in the US national military. In 2013 he used to be its strongest D3 soldier, thus winning major battles in D3. Since 28th October 2014, his real life birthday, The Mike is an Elite soldier. Many days later, on 5th May 2018, The Mike reached level 201 giving him free strength training until the end of time!

USAF Hall of Fame: The Mike

—America, October 2014

Political Life

The Mike has always been part of the political societies in eRepublik. All battles are fought on the battlefield, but they are won and lost in the negotiation rooms. For this reason, The Mike has taken upon the mission of educating the political heads of what their decisions mean on the battlefield and what decisions they need to make in order to emerge victorious.

In his time, The Mike has had a very busy political career. He is most frequently part of the National Security Council (NSC), which plans the military actions of the US, sets the daily priorities for fighting and communicates with MU leaders these fighting priorities. He has been several times Chief of Staff to the PotUS' Azazel Romanov, Tyler Bubblar and Wild Owl.

Military Life


The Mike was a solder of the Ultramarines Military Unit, part of the United States Armed Forces, under the command of Vanek26, Avruch, Artela and Darkmantle.


The Mike joined the United States Armed Forces as a result of the merger of all USAF military units. At the time, in late 2013, The Mike was the strongest eUS solder in d3 (division 3) and helped win many battles in this division. Unfortunately, game mechanics meant that he soon was promoted to division 4. This is when he started working towards the so important Elite Status, which he achieved a year later.

US Pentagon

Currently, The Mike is serving as the Commander of US Pentagon.

Recent years

The US was doing fine both in the military and political sense and there wasn't much of importance taking place. For that reason, The Mike dropped most of his official duties and retired to "2-clicking" - the process where you solely log in, work, click, fight sometimes and check the congressional forums for items of importance only. His retirement, however, was abruptly interrupted by the 2018 Invasion of the USA. The Mike had anticipated this would eventually take place - earlier or later. Now he is back to help his country find salvation, liberate from the oppressors and most importantly, remember Dio!


The Mike is a Dioist. Among all else, he is best remembered for his Endorsement article for rainy sunday back in December 2014.

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