The North Korean Workers Party

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Worker`s Party of Korea

Party-The North Korean Workers Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-North Korea.jpg North Korea
Abbreviation NKWP
Forum [1]
Colors Red
Founded 28th May 2009/ December 2010 (refoundation)
Dissolved July 2009 (est)
Members 20
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Juche

Worker`s Party of Korea was a Far-left Socialist political party in North Korea. The party advocates a economy based on worker-owned companies and a smaller government than other socialist parties in the New World are known to advocate. The party was founded by Morgaroth and Defenestration in May 2009. When North Korea was conquered in Summer 2009, the location of party was moved to Russia and soon after party was renamed to No eMutants Allowed.

In the period of time before North Korea was conquered by Russia, it had 42 members, which was less than it previously had. It also held 3 seats at the time, declining in numbers from previous levels.

The Structure of the Party

The internal structure of the party is built up with the ideals of democracy and pragmatism in mind. For now (in the party’s initial stage) there is only a party president and a Party Committee. The role of the Party Committee is to be the outward face of the party (together with the party-president) and run the day-to-day care of the party and its members.

The Party Committee

The regulations for the committee:

  1. Consisting of 5 prominent party members, the Party Committee is the highest deciding organ within the party, and above all has the responsibility of the day-to-day care of the party and it’s members. It is the responsibility of the Party Committee to make sure that all members of the party are well informed of what’s going on in the party and in the country.
  2. Appointment to serve on the Party Committee is done by the party president whom after each party-president election chooses among the applicants who have submitted their interest to serve to the party president.
  3. In accordance with the democratic tradition and with the tone-giving pragmatism still in mind, a Party Committee member can be voted of the Committee if a formal protest is posted (in an article) with a subsequent signing of at least 20% of the members.

Party Program of the North Korean Workers Party

First Party Program:

The State

The party wants to promote the welfare of the all the people rather than that of a few company owners or members of a special interest group, and we want to strengthen the economy of the country. In order to accomplish this the party wants to introduce new ownership models, in addition to the simple ones that the game allows now. Workers and consumers will be able to choose from a variety of privately, stately, and workers' owned companies. State-controlled companies will be created and parts of the North Korean economy regulated according to needs of the least fortunate, low-level and low-wellness players. Workers' self-management will also be conducted in workers' owned companies whose founding will be supported and subsidized by the state. Furthermore privately owned companies will be receive help and bonuses from the state if they meet conditions such as bringing in highly qualified workers from abroad, and small private companies will be given help from the state in order to be able to compete with huge multinational cooperation’s who would otherwise drain the wealth of North Korea. In short - the Workers Party want’s to see a balanced and fair market, with many forms of ownership - and sees both privately owned companies and workers cooperation’s as a good thing for North Korea and will help them out, as long as they play fair and doesn’t use their workers or act otherwise unethical.

True Democracy

We want to see the extension of democratic rule to all levels of society. We want to see a society where everyone can take part in the debate and affect their situation. The Workers Party wishes to see more decentralized government, more public polls, and more common workers engaged in their democracy. The limits of this game is quite frustrating to say the least, however, it is the Workers Party’s vision and goal to expand beyond the limits of the game and create external forums where the common worker can affect things through polls and voting in his region as well as on the national level. You will remember that the Workers Party wants too see such things as workers-cooperation’s across the country, and they would of course have to be governed in this fashion as well.

A Strong and Democratic Military

The Workers Party wishes to see a strong and mobile army that is capable to react to any threat that might befall North Korea. We wish the military to grow, but we also wish it to be democratic. As stated before, we never want to see the formation of special interest groups in our country that has the power to oppress other people through their wealth or political influence or anything else. It is therefore important that the army maintains a clear connection to the common people, and that the leaders of the army are chosen democratically from the most capable candidates. That way they can truly fulfill their most pressing duties which initially will be:

International Peacekeeping

The Workers Party’s vision for North Korea and if’s armed forces goes well in hand with it’s vision for international solidarity. It is our duty as human beings to help out those in need and defend the weaker nations on this earth against imperialistic countries that would oppress the indigenous population and rob them of their riches. North Korea must therefore maintain a big, and strong army that can be ready to act at any time where international peacekeeping operations is needed - or where allied countries request our help. In this case, having a properly democratically founded military will help us to gain a bigger army, with more efficiency that can gain more strength faster, and thus increase the prestige and safety of North Korea.

"The NK Socialist Model"

The NK Socialist Model is one based on worker-owned companies, and giving them an advantage over privately owned one. Instead of creating a lot of government owned companies that will need a big government to work them, we will create a oversight committee, with a few government officials who will handle applications from companies that want government aid (in the form of Gold).

If the company that asks for Gold is found to be a worker-owned company where the profits actually go to the workers and/or socialist military groups (such as the Workers' Militia) and if the workers are indeed treated well and have a say in the company - then they will be given Gold from the government to be able to get an advantage over capitalistic companies.

A few government companies will be needed, for example in housing and hospitals etc - but overall, this would not demand a big government and it would minimize corruption. If the recipient of government funds is found to be corrupt, they will simply stop getting aid - and since no huge amounts will be given out at any time, but instead smaller over time, a mistake wouldn’t be a disaster.

This plan was first laid out by Defenestration, one of the co-founders of The North Korean Workers Party; this is the basic idea, and it can be expanded on, and is mainly intended to lay out a framework.

Party presidents

This is the list of known Party presidents:

  • May 28, 2009 - June 15, 2009: Unknown
  • June 16, 2009 - July 15, 2009: Martin Webb with vice-president Defenestration
  • July 15, 2009 - Unknown: Kuolun


On December 2010, a group of players headed by Shyran, redounded it. Shyran, Marianosm, Gen, Juan Harlock, Krai1 and Strasser are the Central Committee.

It has 4 congressmen in the North Korean Congress:

Its official newspaper in this re-foundation is Rodong Sinmun NKWP.

The ORG is DPRK Cooperatives

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