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The Order of Canada is Canada's highest civilian honour. It was started in August 2008 by Adam Sutler and was brought back in August 2009 by Jacobi as a monthly honor.

The following are the levels of the Order and the Members therein:

Companion of the Order of Canada

Name Accomplishments
Albert Ainstain Formed Q1 Trainer in Moving,
Formed Canada's first Q4 company: Paradoxia Housing,
Goregifts was the primary wellness supplier of the CAF during U.S. Canada war.

Mortimer Jenkins Formed Canada’s first Q3 weapons facility, Maple Leaf Weaponry
Established trainers in Housing, Gifts, Food and Moving industries
Primary supplier of arms during the US Canada War

Tom Hagen Unparalleled commitment to the Canadian forums and the maintenance thereof.

Banach Skilled and unbiased reporting on topics both national and international;
encouragement of solid, critical reporting in new members through literary contests
exceptional terms as Foreign Affairs and Industry Ministers

Derick Braham Exceptional action in the rebuilding of the Canadian society as President during the month of May.
Secured Canada's entry into the Mediterranean Alliance and the MPPs therein
Rebuilt the Canadian economy after War of Nave’s Toe, and halved the cost of CAD to Gold.
Doubled the Canadian gold treasury in the month of May

Det John Kimble Extraordinary leadership in Health Ministry during War of Nave’s Toe
Complete reorganization and rearmament of the Canadian Armed Forces following the War of Nave’s Toe
Leadership of Canadian Rangers in the Czech-Hungarian War

Goran Thrax for providing leadership in Congress, exemplary conduct during the Hungarian PTO, and contributions to strategic Canadian government operations

Citizen B for extraordinary efforts towards Canadian unity, and extraordinary conduct in freeing Canadians trapped behind enemy lines

Tyler F Durden for outstanding and meritous conduct in freeing Canadians trapped behind enemy lines

JT Vanguard for continued service to Canada in the Hungarian PTO and as Congressional liaison to the Canadian Armed Forces

Gaidal Cain for superb strategic services, improving allied coordination, and spearheading the successful liberation of several Canadian provinces

Coda for her continued service as the General of the Canadian Armed Forces

Jacobi for his extensive service as Prime Minister of Canada

TemujinBC for his extraordinary commitment to our national defense that goes above and beyond the call of duty

FRITZHILL for his unrelenting commitment to our national defense

Ralph Kline for his unwavering commitment to our national defense

JFstpierre for many months of extremely dedicated & effective contributions to the Canadian Government

Sperry for his contributions that were truly outstanding, unique, and entirely essential

Officer of the Order of Canada

Name Accomplishments
Kommie Forged Canada's most successful Moving Company
Lifelong advocate of Canadian exports
Commitment to providing low cost, high-quality food, tickets, Gifts and housing to Canadians.

Tony Stark Drafting of the fundamental protection document between the United States and Canada: the Non-Aggression Pact.
Doubled the price of CAD on the Canadian marketplace to .05 CAD per Gold
Redoubled the Canadian treasury in the month of June.
Successful manipulation of the provincial treasury to purchase a Q1 hospital, and Q1 weapons company.

Cottus Arci Creation of the leading Canadian political alternative in Canada.
Formation of the most heated partisan debates in Canadian political history.

Faltnor Established Federal Bipartisan Cabinet System.
Ended War of Nave’s Toe
Forged Canada's first MPP with Romania.

Kelly Mahoney for taking the reigns of Canada in the absence of the Prime Minister during WW3 and in providing continued leadership in Canada

TaiwanPanda for providing Canadian citizens with the means with which to resist invading forces

William Duncan for providing strategic and operational support for the Canadian government

emilio sanchez for tireless work on behalf of creating, expanding and maintaining the Canadian Healthcare System

Prince A.Joseph for his unwavering commitment to our national defense and for the services in Congress
Marcchelala for services in Congress, Cabinet and as director of the reformed Canadian Intelligence agency and excellent work in restructuring the CAF.

killacrazy for meritorious service representing Canada's interests abroad

Derakor for outstanding service restoring the Ambassadors Corps as well as in representing Canada's interests abroad

Plugson for improving the quality of Canadian media and work in restructuring the CAF Reserves, as well as outstanding service to the judicial system

Etemenanki for continued excellence advising the government on financial matters

Member of the Order of Canada

Name Accomplishments
Grapez Established governmental services of Health Canada in February.

Vincent Valentine took Emergency leadership of Canadian Rangers after Kimble’s inactivity during Czech-Hungarian War.
Lead successful private sabotage of the American economy during War of Nave’s Toe.

Dascoo Long term commitment to the Canadian Armed Forces.
Successful reorganization of Recruitment activities of CAF after the War of Nave’s Toe.

Garp Bensenhaver Exceptional patriotism in a combat zone, single-handedly creating an atmosphere of despair in the USA during the War of Nave’s Toe through trolling efforts.

Road Block Exceptional reporting and leadership in the matters of Troll containment, and unparalleled investigative reporting.

Nefarious showing a Banach-like commitment to the annunciation of truth, the calming of national fears, and unbiased reporting.

Kerozine Commitment to providing affordable and plentiful food products in a variety of Qualities for all Canadians; and providing fair and reasonable wages in the training of new eCanadians

Billy Bob Joe for strategic and tactical guidance to the Government of Canada and her allies.

Treian for providing invaluable support in preventing the Hungarian PTO

Moffington for continued excellence in providing economic advice and support to the Canadian government

Eldorino for providing leadership and dedication, in both official languages, as well as serving tirelessly on IRC

Dean22 for services rendered to the Canadian Government, for organizing acts of economic sabotage on enemy economies and the liberation of British Columbia.

Chamrajnagar for providing excellent communication and information to Canadians throughout the duration of the war

Keldire for providing Canadians and Canadian companies with resources needed during the war

Dabman for providing excellent communication at the start of the war and support to the Government

Adasko for being the driving force behind the Government's commitment to the rule of law, with the criminal code and the new constitution.

Alias Vision for dedication to Canadian values in Congress and contributions to Canadian culture in the media.

Vincent Valentine for steady and active leadership that has sustained the Supreme Court and contributions to our culture in the Canadian media.
Rolo Tahmasee for distinctive contributions to Canada's media

Michael Ryan for distinctive contributions to our national defense

Dominik for service to our national government

Philip Delle Palme for distinct & diverse commitment to every aspect of Canada’s community

Olivermellors for many months of unofficial expertise on all things legal

Associate Members of the Order of Canada

Name Accomplishments
shoot Supreme Commander of EDEN, Vice President of Sweden

Jaguaros President of Greece

RupeTot Romanian Minister of Defense

sebahmah President of Romania

Che Greco Greek Minister of Defense

Lucius Varenus United States Marine Corps Vice Commandant

misho Swedish Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal

roteda Swedish Commander

qn20 United States Marine Corps Commandant

Leroy Combs American Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal

Durruti Spanish Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal

Emerick President of the United States

Eugene Harlot Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Gaius Julius President of the United States

Lilla_T EDEN Military Commander

St00r President of Sweden

Roger Griswald Canadian-Irish Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal

Blank Keating President of the United States

kev2969 Supreme Commander of Terra

FlorenciaC Secretary General of Terra