The Order of Gaia

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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The Order of Gaia
Logo of The Order of Gaia
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Headquarters Erepublik World
Founded 26th Oct 2008
Founders Allyenna, Diarmuid, Zhuge Liang

The Order of Gaia was an international organization founded at the end of October of 2008, but planned since June of 2008, and it is closed currently, and in stand-by mode. There are no current plans on reviving The Order. The Order was described as a political, economic and military organization created to keep the balance of the world as told by their philosophy. The order was created by a group of five experienced players who seeked to create a group of players able to intercede in the international politics and wars, but did not have a proper launch into our world due to several reasons, specially because some of its internal complexity.

Book of Gaia

The Book of Gaia is a text created by the founders of the order with the philosophy, principles and regulations of the brotherhood. The text is the basis for all the organization, and for this reason was created and improved for months until it was ready. Some parts of the text are restricted to members of the order and are kept secret.


From ancient times, the universe has been run by two opposite principles, or two principles which oppose one another in their actions: yin and yang. Yin and yang represent all the opposite principles one finds in the universe and the life itself.

Yang was the first thing to exist and the womb from which everything emerged and represents the restless, the excitement, the non-substantial and the changes. Yin is the stability of the world, and represents the slowness, the tranquil, the substantial and the conserving. Each of these opposites produce the other: creation occurs under the principle of Yang, the completion of the created thing occurs under Yin and vice versa, and so on. This production of yin from yang and yang from yin occurs cyclically and constantly, so that no one principle continually dominates the other or determines the other.

Pure or absolute yin (or yang) does not exist. There is always some degree of the opposite contained in anything that exists, no matter how extreme is the degree of both principles. Yin attracts yang and yang attracts yin, the greater the difference, the greater the attraction. At the same time, yin repels yang and yang repels yin, the greater the similarity, the greater the repulsion.

Our world is in a continuous movement, a fight between order and chaos, between ying and yang. The brothers of The Order of Gaia have been born from this ancestral fight, to keep the balance and protect the world created by all of us. Serving their path, the knights and scholars of the order will fight with all their will to preserve the balance of the world.

As has been said through centuries: "The empire long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been."


In our world, yin and yang fight to keep the fine line between the rise and fall of all the countries. Yang brings changes and war, destroying countries, changing the maps and creating great empires. On the other hand, yin brings stability and allow the countries to prosper and rise their power. If any of the two principles become absolute, our world will end. A balance is needed between both powers.

In a world with strong yang, only the strongest countries can survive and they absorb the rest. At the end, there will be only two great empires (or alliances) fighting in an bloody war, whose only end can be the creation of a great and boring empire or the restoration of the balance and the yin. In a world with strong yin, there will be many small and stable countries. Each country will have their own nationalist govern, and without wars the economy will succumb. Without challenges people will not try to improve themselves and create a better world. At the end both alternatives will suppose the end of the life, the end of the game.

The Order of Gaia has been born from this fight between the two ancestral powers, to bring balance to the world. In a time of continuous wars where strong countries devour little ones, heroes must raise themselves to protect the balance and the weak, and slow down the yang influence. The knights and the heroes of the order will fight to protect and defend invaded and weak countries. This knights will honour their pact with a superior cause, with their swords and lances, shields and armors, strength and wisdom.

The Mission

The order has different paths to achieve the balance. The path for yang with the knights, and the path for yin with the scholars. Both paths bring balance not only to the world, but also inside the order.

In times with a strong yang, the knights and heroes of Gaia will offer their strategic and military support to countries or regions in danger of being conquered and disappear. At the same time, the scholars and sages of the order will try to bring peace and open a dialog between both sides. If the diplomatic force fails to restore the order, the warriors will be deployed in battle and the strategist and commanders will begin with their work.

Scholars are also in charge of other missions not directly related with the war, but with the development of countries, alliances and economies. At the same time, the knights are also encouraged to develop their virtues even in times of peace.

The Virtues

With the current superiority of yang in the world, the Order of Gaia has been created to strengthen the yin. With this mission in mind, all the brothers of the order must pursue the eight virtues of the true heroes. The path isn't easy, but in the effort is the merit.

  1. Compassion
  2. Courage
  3. Honesty
  4. Honor
  5. Humility
  6. Justice
  7. Sacrifice
  8. Wisdom

Furthermore, all the brothers must respect the Sacred Laws of Erepublik and treat all the transgressors as a great evil that must be punished.

The Lodges

The Order of Gaia is organized in different local lodges. Every country with a minimum number of members can have a lodge with base in that region. The brothers and sisters are in charge of the lodge and will be in direct communication with the govern and the parties of the country, trying to be independent from all of them as an organization. Lodges must keep their members always active, improve the communication between them and work restlessly.

Internal Organization

Inside the order there are Five Circles of confidence. The transition between circles represent the evolution of the life and the growth as brothers and citizens of the world.

Fifth Circle

The Apprentices are in the 5th circle. The apprentices are the future members of the order, who are still beginning their path and haven't been accepted as full members. All the apprentices must fulfill some requisites that guarantee a minimum age and experience inside the game.

Before a candidate can join as an apprentice, he must find an existing knight or scholar who want to take him as his pupil, and convince him to be his guide in the path. If the order accepts the new apprentice, the knight will become his tutor until the apprentice is able to advance inside the order.

Fourth Circle

Squires and disciples are brothers and sisters of the order, who don't have enough experience to join their brothers in the daily work. They have swear the oath and are part of the order, but they don't have enough fighting or administrative experience with the group to be recognize as an adult.

In the fourth circle, the apprentice is faced with two paths: warriors and scholars. Both paths have their own difficulties and both paths require a time to test the skills and humility of the new member. The "squires" are the apprentices who have chosen the path of war and honor. The "disciples" are who have chosen the path of politics, diplomacy or economy.

Third Circle

The third circle is formed by all the true members of the order in both paths: Knights and Scholars. These members have proved their value and follow the path of the eight virtues. The knights and the scholars are the soul and body of the order and shape the future of the world.

All the knights and scholars have voice and the same rights inside the order. All of them are brothers and sisters, with the world as their country and the order as their family.

Second Circle

Commanders and Sages form the second circle with a lodge under their control. Each lodge has one or more brothers/sisters as the leaders and administrators of the community. Their mission is mainly administrative, introducing new members, strengthening the bonds between brothers, giving missions and tests, and maintaining the balance and peace inside the group.

First Circle

The first circle of the order is called The Council and is formed by a group of brothers and sisters known as the Ancients. They are the core and the will of the order. Their mission is to keep the balance inside the order, mark the periods of change, and guide the common will.

Joining the Order

The Order is a closed group, to join this group you must test your value through an exhaustive exam. A candidate must ask an existing knight who then will become the candidate's proposer or tutor. The candidate will need to convince two knights more, of his/her intentions inside the order, who will become their witness. During the next weeks, the candidate will need to get through a group of tests and prove their virtues before he can make the initiation rite. After passing the initiation rite, the candidate will become a squire for an undetermined time. During this time, the new squire must learn the basic tactics and orders from his/her tutor.

Each brother/sister of the order can be tutor of a limited number of apprentices, so the secretly and privacy of the group can be a difficult for the new recruits. For this reason the order has an organization to make easier the contact.



The Order began his foundation as a military brotherhood created by Diarmuid and Zhuge Liang. Together, they attracted the wisdom and will of three brothers and sisters, the original ancients. With the time, one of the ancients left the group and the work was halted. From that time the brotherhood continued to evolve to a more developed organization.

The Order was developed around two ideas, the Gaia hypothesis and the School of Mo.

The Gaia hypothesis evolves from the believe in a complex interacting system that interconnects biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and soil, all the environment. The existence of a self-regulation system that creates a balance in the world. This ecosystem can be moved to the game to represent the self-regulated systems (economy and politics). These regulations can be divided into periods of time as established in the phrase "The empire long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been."

The School of Mo was a philosophical, social, scientific and military order created around the concept of "universal equality". Everyone is equal before heaven, and everyone deserves to receive material benefit and being protected from physical harm. As all the individuals deserve equal care, the brotherhood is impartial and neutral around all the conflicts.

From this concepts the Order evolve to its current philosophy, respecting the teachings of the Mohism and knowing the world as a dualism between different forces.