The Praetors

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The Praetors


General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Total Soldiers 17
Commanded by Exalted Druid
2nd Commander Doggstar

The Praetors is a military unit in Canada.

It was first formed under the leadership of Wilhelm Gunter in 2010 as the military arm of the Canadian Progressive Front. Alongside the CAF and The Crimson Order it was one of Canada's three main military units before they were officially added into the game.

Beginnings of the Unit

Wilhelm Gunter was the first one to toss around the idea of the political party Canadian Progressive Front creating a military unit for its members and to assist its members with weapons in the slave pit system. The unit was relatively small compared to the bigger CAF and TCO, but still had a steady following of fighters who worked in the Praetors slave pits. Ultimately, however, as the CPF began to decline so too did the Praetors. Lise Stubbings attempted to take control of the unit and met some initial success, but Lise eventually quit the game. The Praetors moved forward but ultimately all but disbanded as the CPF fell out of the top five political parties and out of political relevance.


The Canadian Progressive Front managed to come back into relevance around April of 2012 and reentered the top five after over a year of very low activity. Wilhelm Gunter thought of bringing the MU back now using the new mechanics of the game that supported MUs, and succeeded in doing so alongside his second commander Andrew Chuckleton. The MU grew slowly but steadily, and was one of Canada's top ten military units, regularly getting in the top ten kills of all the Canadian MUs. Under Wilhelm's stead, the slave pits were reintroduced and most of the Praetors received supplies. Eventually, the MU grew so much that a second division was reopened.

Time of Troubles

Wilhelm Gunter eventually decided to quit the game, citing dissatisfaction with eRepublik in general. Andrew Chuckleton was also scaling back his activity and did not want to step and become the Commander of the unit, so a Praetor by the name of Mythacat volunteered to lead the unit. Following general confusion after Wilhelm's quit and Mythacat's takeover of the military companies, the members of the Praetors began quitting the unit and moving on to other ones. This was reinforced by Mythacat himself when he ultimately admitted his failure with transitioning the unit over to his leadership and essentially quit the game entirely as a result. Andrew Chuckleton became the commander by default as Mythacat's last act as Commander was to appoint Andrew. Andrew had never promised activity but helped sustain the few Praetors who were left. After Wilhelm's quit, organized interest in The Praetors from Canadian Progressive Front diminished substantially to the point where few members, especially rank and file ones; even knew what the Praetors were.

A long slow decline of the Praetors followed with no real commander or sense of the unit spirit, and even Andrew Chuckleton left the unit for the Captains of Industry in the summer of 2013. Command then fell to Yano Chichelin, one of only two active members left in the Praetors alongside Black Eyrie. Yano attempted to help out the occasional new players who would join the unit but did not have the finances to support them. With only two active fighters the future of the military unit was bleak.


Auk Rest, a former Praetor who had left for the Captains of Industry after the confusion following Wilhelm's exit from the game, was convinced by Yano Chichelin to return and attempt to revive the dying unit. Auk Rest agreed and rejoined the unit. Yano Chichelin transferred control over to him but became the second commander. Auk released the Praetors first article in almost a year and began promoting the unit, eventually adding several new members as well as some old former Praetors who were still around. The Praetors's companies were lost to Mythacat, but the future of the unit rested on its ability to have slave pits open, so Auk Rest made a deal with weapons factory owner Exalted Druid for the Praetors to work in his company and have the tanks given to Auk Rest to hand out in forms of supply drops. Auk Rest agreed and began supplying the raw material for the company.

The military unit grew steadily to have ~15 active fighters by way of recruitment drives organized by Auk Rest and marketing the unit back to members within the CPF and to friends. However, the unit began to slowly lose members and return to a state of inactivity. The leadership of the unit was transferred to crisfire so that he could start rebuilding it anew.

List of Commanders

Commander Tenure Starting Tenure Ending
Wilhelm Gunter Spring 2010 July 2010
Lise Stubbings July 2010 Fall 2010
Addy Lawrence Fall 2010 Unknown
Wilhelm Gunter Fall 2010 January 2011
DISBANDED January 2011 March 2012
Wilhelm Gunter March 2012 November 2012
Mythacat November 2012 November 2012
Andrew Chuckleton December 2012 August 2013
Yano Chichelin August 2013 17 September 2013
Auk Rest 17 September 2013 26 June 2014
crisfire 26 June 2014 ???
Exalted Druid ??? Present