The Right Party

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The Right Party

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation TRP
Founded January 2008
Dissolved January 30 2009
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Free Democratic Party
Orientation Center-Right

The Right Party was a political party in the United Kingdom.


The Right Party began in the early January of 2008 with its leader JosephByrne, his reason for creating The Right Party was the fact that the conservative party were highly inactive.

JosephByrne was later replaced by another member, mr. brodie took over about two months later after the previous leader did nothing what so ever, promising new ideas and solutions for the UK. He had remained in power of The Right Party for sometime, however, with a company based scandal around late March 2008, he decided to switch power over to Piperbunny, a previous Minister of Communications.

Working hard Piperbunny gathered in members and worked on the manifesto with Astros and KBoomer. Around early April 2008 Astros disagreed with the way Congress was run and resigned as a congressman and then quit the game altogether.

On the 22nd April Piperbunny resigned as leader and left KBoomer in charge. Soon after KBoomer's entering into the leadership, he declared that party would return to its roots as a right wing party, this prompted the majority of active members to leave as they weren't so right wing inclined. Most of these members joined People's Communist Party (PCP) and became some of the most influential members in it such as frufru, Widdows9000, Flamur and Piperbunny.

With only about 9 members left, KBoomer was left with a severally damaged party and was charged with the task of rebuilding it with right wing members, a difficult situation in the majority left wing UK and the rising popularity of PCP.

KBoomer dropped out the of next party elections due to real life pressure. JosephByrne took over for a short time and renamed it the JosephBryne Right Party claiming: Join the JoesphBryne Right Party because he is a legend. A few days before the party elections he returned party leadership to KBoomer due to his own real life pressures.

As of June 2008, KBoomer has attempted a comeback of TRP with a branch out to new members, and the creation of new manifesto but their main problem was the nationalist parties large memberships.

As of July/August 2008, the membership of TRP had increased somewhat and rumblings suggesting mergers to further increase their membership.

A Manifesto from mr. brodie's Leadership

You Cannot Go Wrong Choosing The Right Party

With a name like The Right Party, it has to be good! :)

Our thoughts are based on both our values and our interests as a nation. We are determined that the UK should play an even more active role in depression. The Right Party is committed to the terrorism and fascist of the British people and to co-operating with other nations to secure peace and prosperity for all.

The Right Party is an up and down party who plans for a better UK and better health of the people, there are still challenges to overcome if the UK is going to become the best nation on Earth we a the Right Party believe this. The Right Party allows people to join a group where we discuss ideas, in the hope that we, as a party, can create better employment opportunities, as well as making peace for the country as a whole. And while we know that everything is not bad now, The Right Party can make Britain, without doubt, a better-off, more peaceful and overall happier place. The UK is currently scarred by unemployment; we want to work with the people of the UK to find out how to decrease the unemployment rating.

We want to show that The Right Party is the party of fairness and a better economy and a government who care about the needs of everyone else. We reward people for hard work and initiative ideas. To produce hard work, you need a job. We will continue to increase the unemployment rate by promoting British companies, we will provide them with no licenses if they are not selling enough products and we shall loan them money to pay wages until they are back on their feet. Today we face new challenges, new rivals. British companies must compete with the likes of bigger, more powerful nations such as Indonesia in the food market and the USA and Spain in weapons. But together we can have a global outlook into making British companies for the people of Britain as well as for the citizens across the rest of the world.

A lot of people still feel distance from their local government and mayors. We need to confront and provide the means for people to become involved and be heard in the discussion about local services and the lifestyles and facilities of the public. Politicians should never forget that they govern on behalf of the people. Individual parliaments, and the politicians elected to serve in them, do not own the citizen's liberties. They are there to safeguard them. They should not diminish those liberties without an explicit mandate from the British people.

We want to prevent war rather than provoke it. Many of our jobs, and a great deal of our business, depending on trade and communication with the rest of the eRepublik world we will stay in touch with the rest of the world until our issues are resolved. We are standing firm against the greedy businesses. We will attack those who thoughts are to wreak havoc among the good people of the UK. We need to set more peace treaty's to make the world safe.

This vision will deliver what British people want from a government.

We're Simply The best party in the UK join us of you want the UK to become a better place!


The March 2008 General Election wasn't that successful. The party came fourth with only 4.55% in the Congress which left The Right Party only 3 seats in Congress.

The local elections of March 2008 were not as successful as they had hoped. Only one mayor candidate was elected, and that was the former party leader JosephByrne.

The April 2008 elections were very successful for the right party as they have become the third largest party in terms of congressmen.

The Right Party never regained the ability to be voted into congress/parliament, but succeed in receiving small party congressmen with new legislation written by CreveRoeland.

The May elections had decreased their status dramatically as a number of influential members left as they believed the party was "too right wing" under KBoomer's leadership. So much so that they were no longer able to contest the general elections, this was also due to the rising membership of the nationalist parties (CUP, UDP, LTU)

The June elections showed no signs of coming back as they continued to have fewer members than the top five parties.

The July 2008 was another failure as they lacked members.