The South Africa Guardian

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The South Africa Guardian

General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Owner Ajay
Founded 25 November 2008
Subscribers 19
Articles 7
Content Political

The South Africa Guardian is a Newspaper from South Africa belonging to Ajay. It covers current events in South Africa and sometimes International events as well. It was formed on November 25th 2008.

Past Articles

  1. First Edition: Published November 25th 2008. The First Edition covered the events of the Congressional elections in South Africa. As well as the current war time events.
  2. November Congress: Published November 26th. This issue covers the results of the Congress elections held before. Complete with a Map.
  3. Spain's March: Published November 28th. Spain's March covers the opening battles of Spain's War on Portugal, Venezuela, Brazil, Italy and France.
  4. South Africa: End of month review. November 2008: Published November 30th 2008. A complete review of South Africa in November.
  5. compmage becomes president: Published December 6th 2008. A short article on the victory of compmage in the South African Presidential elections.
  6. World War: Published December 9th. A article looking at the whole world's future.
  7. Ajay for Free State: Published December 16th. Ajay starts his Congress campaign.