The Top 10 Most Influential Canadians

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Article, The Top 10 Most Influential Canadians (SPAMM_Contender), written by Alias Vision, was published in The Freeholder Press newspaper of Canada.

The Top 10 Most Influential Canadians (SPAMM_Contender)

What makes someone influential? Money helps, so does public standing. Friends in important places whom you can whisper in their ears certainly. Do only Canadians that improve Canada's standing count? Dean22, arguably the most controversial Canadian figure, was influential with his questioning of the power establishment and his strike gambit. At one point he monopolized all judicial and economic discourse until he was forcefully expelled and his citizenship revoked. Zanalan as a two term president has much experience, influence and in his case, gravitas. We believe Canada was a quiet power under his watch. Or can someone like David Eastcorner be one of the most influential Canadians? At one point he was amongst the longest running Congressman. He is an extremely proficient poster and commentator (we make no judgment on the content of said comments of course) and one of the most visible citizens of this great nation.

But who are the top 10 most influential individuals and what are they known for? Politics, economics, military, social and welfare. All these were looked at, parsed, analyzed and in the end, the Freeholder Press came up with this unscientific and highly subjective list of the 10 most influential Canadians. Read and enjoy!

10. Phineas Gage
Phineas Gage has dedicated his time to the integration of new players. This can be seen by his newspaper publications as well as his past steady stewardship of the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship. Gage's voice is likely one of the first heard and his newcomer grants have helped many.

9. Plugson
Shameless Plug anyone? Plugson's goal has been to highlight and promote good Canadian media content. And although in our humble opinion he does not receive the recognition he deserves, we believe the plan is working. Since the inception of the Shameless Plug, the quantity of quality articles has gone up. This is especially important in the face of greater media self-promotion and pointless vanity pieces.

8. emilio sanchez
Social services and health. Second only to war in the minds of all citizens. Emilio Sanchez was not the first to want or plan a comprehensive health program for Canadians but he is the one who spearheaded its successful realization. The effectiveness of the program remains to be seen as it's still in its infancy but the goals are just and far reaching.

7. Roy Munson
Most recently Roy has made a great effort in assisting the international community in its attempt to identify and denounce fraudsters and scam artists in the markets. He also made his mark in politics where he has risen above his relative youth to a position of influence within the PPC. He well understood the power of the Boomer generation and he can be identified as one of the principal actors that harnessed that power for the benefit of his party. Because of this populist approach, he is a man of growing importance.

6. Dade Pendwyn
The Boomer Buggle has been the fastest growing media outlet in Canada, outside of the rather contrived Media Mogul newcomer. This he achieved through meaningful commentary, satire and good old fashioned pandering, most recently to the nationalistic Romanians. Dade, like Roy Munson, also understands the need to shape and guide the Boomer voice and his newspaper and behind the scenes work has already yielded dividends.

5. John Wilkmot
CSIS? Does not exist. Director of CSIS? There is no such thing. Shadowy organizations aside, John has been the keeper and moderator of the Forums, the single most important place for all Canadians. It was with great sadness that we, as well as the population at large, learned of his intent to retire for Canadian public life. He will be missed but his contributions cannot be taken away, nor his influence denied. As such he deserves a place of honour on any list.

4. Josh Taggart
The Boomer Buggle already named him the man of the month once. We here at the Freeholder Press believe it will not be the only award of the sort he ever wins. His first run at a Census was a complete success and it generated many interesting and relevant points of data. His most important work however has been as a policy maker. He has not waited for Congress to come calling, instead putting his consider policy skills available to all. The Canadian people should be proud of counting on such a mind and it is with great interest that we will keep an eye on his career.

3. Bruck
As ex-general of the Canadian Armed Forces who could contest his influence? War, war games, training exercises, all originated from his desk. He shaped the CAF into the homogenous force it is today. Recently he traded his stars and firepower for soft power and the president's desk. It was a coalition led by Bruck that spelled the end of Zanalan's stewardship of the nation. From his perceived image as a one issue, right wing reactionary, Bruck has firmly positioned himself as a coalition builder with an inclusive approach to everything from the economy to foreign affairs, all the time supported by a strong military.

2. Banach
The second semi-retired man on the list and first would be Canadian Media Mogul. He has not achieved his goal yet and we must wonder, is it because he had too much substance to his articles? His joining the Communist Party of Canada gave it instant legitimacy. This is not a knock against the party but a testament to his standing in the community. Supreme Court justice, literary award patron, he touched everything and made an impact. If Banach made a suggestion, it got discussed. Whenever he took a position on an issue, many followed his example. It will be interesting to see how his step back from public life affects discourse on the important issues of the days ahead. Like John Wilkmot, these giant shoes will go unfilled.

1. Alexander Rearden
Without a working economy, there is little growth and life is hard. The Rearden Doctrine on the economy has dominated government for at least three consecutive terms and there is no sign of that changing. Any cabinet composition invariably has Alexander Rearden as Minister of Finance. His stamp on all things economic is about to grow some more with the foundation of an Investment and Loans Bank. Although there are banks already in existence, we think this one has the greatest chance at success with the greatest impact on regular citizens as well as companies and organizations. Because when Alexander sneezes, the economy gets a cold, he earns his place as the Freeholder Press' most influencing Canadian.

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