The Trident

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The Trident

The Trident.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ukraine.jpg Ukraine
Language English
Owner Hnat Khotkevych
Founded September 15, 2008
Subscribers 31
Articles 31
Content Political

The Trident was initially set up as the Ukrainian Diaspora a newspaper started up in Canada on September 15, 2008 by Hnat Khotkevych. It relocated to Sloboda, Ukraine during Romanian administration.


The main goal of the newspaper is to unite Ukrainians culturally and politically throughout the world.

Its secondary goals are:

  • to co-ordinate self-help amongst Ukrainians and people of Ukrainian background throughout the world.
  • provide a foundation for the setting up of community, religious organizations and political parties
  • Foster Ukrainian culture.
  • to clarify a Ukrainian point of view to world leaders issues.
  • to make Ukrainian issues known.

Its ultimate goal is:

  • to re-establish a free and independent Ukraine.

It is sponsored by a private firm known as Trident holdings.