The Triumvirate

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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The Triumvirate
Logo of The Triumvirate
Country Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Founded Nov 7 2008
Founders Father, Teacher, Watcher

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The Triumvirate was a three-member group at the head of The Party. The initial founders are unknown but is widely believed to be the first 3 members of The Party, Father, Teacher and Watcher. Each was chosen for their doubleplusgood and undying loyalty (recognized by Miniluv) to The Party.


Each of the three founders were leading separate lives somewhere in the New World. While the past identities of each are not fully known, rumors are that all three were in positions of high power in their respective governments when they left for their journey to South Korea. Upon establishment of The Party in the country, the three took many days to pray to Big Brother and seek his omniscient guidance. Big Brother spoke of few words, and the only recorded quote of him speaking was:

 Minitrue mark current policies in South Korea Doubleplusungood CRIMETHINK. Miniluv mark Minigov to rectify fullwise to meet necessity of doubleplusgood 

The triumvirs took this to heart and established all necessary organizations within South Africa for a complete cleansing of the region. Beginning with thoughtcriminals and moving on until the region was deemed doubleplusgood.


The three initial triumvirs are still rumored to be holding power in The Party. No definitive sources can be found to support or discredit this unsubstantiated opinion. What is known, however, is the role of The Triumvirate. In addition to appointing a Secretary General to lead the party, the Triumvirs completely and dictatorially control each and every aspect of the Party. All Miniplenty companies are either managed by the Triumvirs or leased out to an Inner Party member for them to control it on behalf of The Party. Another important role is the relaying of Congress and Presidential suitors to the Secretary General. Serving in Congress and eventually the office of President is a right of passage for all members of The Party before they can graduate from the Outer Party to the Inner. If their work in those offices is marked doubleplusgood by leadership, said members graduate to luxurious life of the Inners.

Appointments and Decision Making Process

The appointment of new Triumvirs occurs only in the case of Miniluv condemnation, resignation, or death of a current Triumvir. When such actions occur, Big Brother is the ultimate decider on the new Triumvir member. In the abscence of Big Brother, the two remaining Triumvirs (and the dying will of the third, if applicable) replace the Triumvir with an Acting Triumvir Member until Big Brother has returned and can sufficiently offer a verdict.

All major Party issues are brought before the Triumvirate to a vote. If a vote is tied, meaning one Triumvir votes abstain, present, or no vote, then the vote is considered failed. To pass, it is believed a 2/3 majority must be reached.