The Ultimate Propaganda

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The Ultimate Propaganda

The Ultimate Propaganda.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Owner TheSupernatural
Founded 14 February 2008
Subscribers 52
Articles 80

The Ultimate Propaganda was a relatively small newspaper created by and owned by TheSupernatural. While not entirely serious, it was a very liberal and opinionated newspaper, which criticizes almost everything.

Early Days

In the early days of The Ultimate Propaganda, it criticized the USA's government, as well as foreign countries such as Pakistan(that didn't last), Sweden, and Canada. Korbin King and Platonic were criticized the most often, however, The Ultimate Propaganda let up on them when they had less power.

Criticizing Roby Petric

TheSupernatural criticized Roby Petric and the United States Workers Party during and immediately after the October general elections. He was temporarily banned for using vulgar words in several articles, however, it didn't stop him. "Who the Hell is Roby Petric" earned 61 votes; a testament to how much the nation disagreed with the USWP.