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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The Vault
Logo of The Vault
Owners Dio Brando - JKD003 - AgentChieftain - Senor Schlong - touchdown thurman thomas
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Founder JKD003
Services Banking
Newspaper Count von Count

The Vault was the official bank of Stardust Crusaders, considered to be the official bank of Pakistan, responsible for storing the nation's reserves of gold and Flag-Pakistan.jpg PKR. Its goal is to keep Dio's immense supply of gold both safe and accessible.


The Vault was founded by JKD003 in early August 2008, after realizing that most of the impressive stores of gold Pakistan were locked up in Dio Brando's account.

 Although our great God-Emperor is clearly the best user of money in all of eRepublik, His occasional absences left His loyal lieutenants unable to access it 

The God-Emperor thus approved The Vault as a means for his chief economic advisers to keep track of and use the gold, even when He was away performing miracles for all the world to see. Over the next few months, most of the gold used by the Pakistani government was transferred to the account for safekeeping and easy access.

The infinite wisdom of Dio in approving The Vault was made obvious shortly after the bank was created, when filthy hackers stole the Pakistani Space Program and its companies, firing all the workers as well as making off with thousands of PKR. Fortunately, all the gold from the program had already been transferred to The Vault, preventing the hacker from obtaining it.


The owners of The Vault were:

The Count


Count von Count is both the name of The Vault's official newspaper and the name of its chief accountant. The famed purple Muppet, who was granted the title of Count by God-Emperor Dio, was constantly found counting up every single piece of gold and PKR within the bank, ensuring that it is all accounted for. In return for this valuable service, the Count asks to be paid in giant plastic numbers.

The newspaper is used by the owners of The Vault to communicate to the population of Pakistan. Early in the Pakistani Space Program hacking crisis, the paper assured Pakistanis that all the PSP gold was safe within its confines.