The Zeus News

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The Zeus News

General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Owner Efthimios Pappas
Founded October 2008
Subscribers 76
Articles 27
Content social news, political

The Zeus News is a Greek newspaper first published by an ambitious editor, Efthimios Pappas.

The last article was published on 30th May 2009. Because of a death of the owner - Efthimios Pappas, by Permanent Banning, no more articles are expected to be published.

It was originally published to unite all the remaining Greek citizens of the last region of Greece. It quickly turned out to be one of the most popular newspaper of Greece.
With this power it didn't just unite Greeks but it guided them through difficult times.
Through this newspaper Efthimios Pappas was nationally recognized and approved for his opinions.
After the creation of the Greek Liberation Front it became the voice of the GLF party members and president.

During the Presidency of Efthimios Pappas and just before the fall of Lamia, it was used to publish the Last Presidential Speech.

After the Fall Of Lamia

After the fall of Lamia the Zeus News is now used to publish articles to keep the scattered Greek united.