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The Libertarian Party

Party-The Libertarian Party_NEW.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Netherlands.jpg United Netherlands
Abbreviation LP
Forum Forum
Colors blue
Founded 16 September 2009
Dissolved 20 May 2010
Members 30
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Independent Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian


Libertarian Party (LP) was a centre right political party in the Icon-United Netherlands.png United Netherlands founded on day 666 (16/09/2009) of the new world by Mighty Sigh. The party dissolved into the Independent Party on day 911 (20/05/2010).

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Fundamentals

The vision of the Libertarian Party:

  • freedom of choice should be safeguarded
  • upholding of democratic values
  • less state influence in the economy
  • transparent governing should be paramount
  • engage in (new and) stronger international cooperations
  • stimulate economic growth by supporting private companies
  • maintain domestic stability with a strong national army
  • recognize cultural assets as vital components of society

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Icon achievement Country President on.gif Official representatives

Current Congress members:
Term start Term end Region Congress member Votes Note
26 April, 2010 20 May, 2010 Western Netherlands Daniel Parker 8
26 April, 2010 20 May, 2010 Southern Netherlands Markus Bell 3
26 April, 2010 20 May, 2010 Eastern Netherlands Gcava 3

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif LP governing

Party Constitution & amendments

the Libertarian Party Constitution has been approved by it´s members after the party has been PTO-ed in January 2010. It lists all parties titles and their attributes and how the party should be governed.

Libertarian Party

1. The libertarian party of the United Netherlands consists of the Party president of the Libertarian Party, the membership of the Libertarian Party, the Vice party president of the Libertarian Party, the Libertarian Party Organisation, the Libertarian Party Constitution, and the Libertarian Party Forum, hereafter referred to collectively as elements.

Party President

1i. The role of the Party President is to regulate and organise the Libertarian Party within the constraints of the Constitution, to represent the Party in discussions with outside bodies, to implement agreed Party policy, to regulate the usage of funds and resources belonging to the Party, and to regulate access to the Libertarian Party Organisation.


1ii. The role of the membership of the Libertarian Party is to propose new policies, propose new debates, participate in debates, and help to further the policy and principles of the Libertarian Party such as they are willing and able.

Vice Party President

1iii. The role of the Vice Party President of the Libertarian Party is to assist the Party President in any reasonable capacity.

Libertarian Party Organisation

1iv. The purpose of the Libertarian Party Organisation is to hold the resources and funds belonging to the Libertarian Party, to hold the Libertarian Party's newspaper for the Party, to act as the Party's representative as is necessary, desirable, and practical, and to serve as the centre of the party in the event of an emergency.

Libertarian Party Constitution

1v. The purpose of the Libertarian Party Constitution is to collect and codify the laws of the Libertarian Party and to defend the rights and duties of all elements as provided for by the Party Constitution.

Libertarian Party forum

1vi. The purpose of the Libertarian Party Forum is to provide the place for debate pertaining to the business of the Libertarian Party. All party members free of reasonable suspicion shall be granted access to the forum. The forum shall be held at no other place than except in the event of a prolonged lack of access to that place.


2. Laws pertaining to the government of the Libertarian Party.

tradition and best practice

2i. The Libertarian Party shall be governed in accordance with previous tradition and previous best practice except where explicitly changed.


2ii. If the Party President does not contact the party in any way for a period of more than six days, the Vice Party President may adopt the powers and position of the Party President. On the return of the Party President, the Party President automatically resumes all of his powers.

altering the constitution

2iii. The clauses of The Libertarian Party Constitution may be altered following a debate lasting not less than seven days followed by a vote, and in accordance with previous tradition and previous best practice endorsed by the membership.

Membership influence

2iv. The membership of the Libertarian Party may change any aspect of the image, organisation or structure of the party following a debate lasting not less than seven days followed by a vote, and in accordance with previous tradition and previous best practice endorsed by the membership.

Significant alteration

2iv-a. Any change to the image, organisation or the structure of the party that also requires a modification to the constitution must modify both in two separate votes, both being rejected if either vote fails.

New Policies

2iv-b. Clause 2iv applies only to the modification of existing image, organisation, or structure. New policy requires only a vote lasting for an appropriate time in accordance with previous tradition and previous best practice endorsed by the membership.

Party President Maximum terms in office

2v. No Party President of the Libertarian Party may hold the office of Party President for more than three terms consecutively.


Congress policy

For each congressional period a ´congress policy´ is published in New Liberty. It lists the party´s current standpoints on mayor topics. Congress Members are advised to keep these standpoints in mind, however it is only it´s current standpoint, and party members can change the parties stance one these topics internally in the private LP-forum.


Internally there are a few protocols about how to deal with certain issues. They are mainly of a temporary nature, issued by the Party president.

Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif History

historic LP logo by Thomas Fairfax

Party presidents

Congress members

Government members


  • Day 666: the Libertarian Party was founded by Mighty Sigh.
  • Day 683: Nimh became Party president after the death of Parak
  • Day 727: Thomas Fairfax became Party president after the promise of reviving the Party
  • Day 727: The Liberty_Party_Organisation (LPO) was founded as official organization run by the party
  • Day 727: New logo was introduced
  • Day 727: The new newspaper New Liberty was started
  • Day 727: Daniel Parker set up this wiki page
  • Day 734: the Libertarian Party is now officialy the 5th party!
  • Day 734: LP wins 2 congress seats in November 2009 congress elections
  • Day 745: LP is appointed 1 Minister and 2 secretary positions in government of nov-dec09
  • Day 764: most GVD members decided to join LP
  • Day 766: despite low turn-up during congress elections on Christmas day LP holds onto their 2 seats in congress
  • Day 787: a PTO was done by a unknown citizen called Cloyster Climb, later he mysteriously resigned. Daniel Parker wrote an article on that the PTO attempt stood not on itself but was part of a Global Multi-PTO-network. It called to the admins for a ban on these multis. Mighty Sigh advertised for the article all over the world. It led to permabans for over 150 multis, including Cloyster Climb, but also the country president of Turkey.
  • Day 818: End of an era, LP reformer Thomas Fairfax leaves office after consecutively being Party president for 3 terms
  • Day 839: the party publishes it´s Libertarian Party Constitution
  • Day 911: the party is officially changed to Independent Party following the party-constitution the change was voted on twice in two PP terms.

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