Theocratic Party of Pakistan

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Theocratic Party of Pakistan

Party-Theocratic Party of Pakistan.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Abbreviation TPP
Founded 18th May 2017
Dissolved September 2017
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

As the sands of time continued in the New World, Pakistan had found itself without a proper Left-leaning Political Climate. Nakigitsune, a Dioist Priest and former 11 term Congressman and 5 term President of Pakistan, enter into the scene with a fresh outlook. Several years ago the Stardust Crusaders Political Party Vento Aureo was erased and lost. Somewhere in the New World, its namesake was taken and Nakigitsune decided to set up a New Party with the same principles as /v/.

On the 18th of May 2017 (Day 3467) he managed to find the gold needed for this task. Once again the Pakistani people would have a left-wing Party to call home, and Dioists would find a place to relax and pray. Though labelled Authoritarian on the Wiki, the Party promotes Theocratic philosophies (limited Party description options on the Wikipedia made this a nuisance).

In the peak of its existence, Theocratic Party had 7 members and hold 1 seat in the Congress.