Third Balkan War

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Third Balkan War
Map of Third Balkan War
Date 8 August 2009 –
Location Greece
Territorial Changes Greece regained all original territories
Fights 44562
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Flag-USA.png USA
Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Flag-Romania.png Romania
Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Turkey.jpg mkiziltoprak Flag-Greece.jpg Jaguaros
Flag-USA.png Emerick
Flag-Canada.jpg Jacobi
Flag-Romania.png sebahmah
Flag-Croatia.jpg Croat4ever
Flag-Poland.jpg Andrew6w6
Flag-Spain.jpg Mixalberto
Flag-Sweden.jpg st00r
Flag-Switzerland.jpg DomiBoss
Flag-Finland.jpg Gabriel Lavanche

On August 8, 2009 Icon-Turkey.png Turkish president, mkiziltoprak asked Congress to declare war on Icon-Greece.png Greece. The first battle in the war took place in Icon-Greece.png Macedonia to activate Icon-Greece.png Greece's alliances.


Battle for Macedonia

This battle took place probably to active Icon-Greece.png Greek alliances.

Battle for Central Greece

During this battle, the wall ranged from -90k to 330k with Icon-USA.png American and Icon-Spain.png Spanish support. Those countries decided not to fight in their own battles, but to fight here!

Battle for Crete

This battle ended after Icon-Greece.png Greece retrait.




  • Macedonia was secured by Icon-Greece.png Greece.
  • Thrace was secured by Icon-Greece.png Greece.
  • Central Greece was secured by Icon-Greece.png Greece.
  • Attica was secured by Icon-Greece.png Greece.

Map-Third Balkan War v2.png