Third Greek Independence War

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Third Greek Independence War
Map of Third Greek Independence War
Date August 8th 2009 –
August 15th, 2009
Location Greece
Result Ended; Hostilies continue
Territorial Changes Turkey conquers Haifa district; Greece conquers its original regions
Fights 76
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The Third Greek Independence War was the third part of the Greek revolution against Turkey, following the first Greek Independence War and Operation Turkish Delight. It was part of the World War III.

Declaration of war

After around one and a half months of peace between Greece and Turkey the war started. The Turkish government decided to attack Greece with no official reason given. The war started in the first days of August. An unofficial peace treaty was declared on August 15th.

Cause of the war

Most people in the world believed that Turkey declared war to Greece to gain control over Central Greece (a high iron region) to save their economy, which was crippled.

Course of the war

Turkey attacked Attica and Thrace and Greece successfully defended these regions. Some moments before the end of the battles Turkey attacked Crete but Greece retreated to regroup and gain the offensive.

The next day Peloponnese, Thessaly and Epirus were liberated for the first time in months. The next day, Crete and Ionian Islands were also liberated. Later, on August 15th (a Greek holy day) the Aegean Islands were liberated and Greece had regained all of its original regions.

Turkish Counter-offense

Turkey tried to re-occupy Greek lands a further three times. The first time they gained Aegean Islands. After that they attacked Peloponnese, Macedonia and Attica, but Greece held the regions and eventually regained Aegean. Two successive attacks would be launched against the Aegean Islands, but Turkey would be unsuccessful in both attempts.

At the end of the conflict the two countries still remained in a state of hostility, but this particular war was ended.

PEACE's stance

PEACE GC was officially neutral during the conflict, but there were signs of PEACE funding and tanks on the battlefield.

Importance for WWIII

According to the newspaper The Free Opinion:

The importance for WWIII of the Greek struggle was huge.

Greece was the first country that resisted PEACE forces. This gave to all the free people courage to fight. Turkish economy crippled and now the damage caused by Turkey was seriously decreased. PEACE countries started demanding back their regions. Canadian and Spanish forces found cover to recover their countries land.