3rd Congress of the Philippines

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The Third Philippine Congress
The Philippine Congress
Official Seal of the Philippine Congress

The Third Congress of the Philippines was the former meeting of the national legislature (Philippine Congress) of the Republic of the Philippines. The Third Congress was convened after the April 25, 2009 congressional elections, which had replace the entire membership of the Second Philippine Congress. Congress members of the Third Philippine Congress had served starting from April 26, 2009 until May 25, 2009.

The Third Philippine Congress was politically taken over by Secta Guru Varnish. Secta Guru Varnish managed to control the Congress and looted the remaining funds of the Philippines. The political party also managed to change the taxes that destroyed the economy of the Philippines.


Election results


    Filipino Progressive Movement
    Philippines for the Filipinos
    Philippine Advancement Party
    Secta Guru Varnish

Summary of the April 25, 2009 Philippine Congressional Election results
Candidate Party
1. Glorious Failure Filipino Progressive Movement
2. DaRuler
3. Meghan
4. roadrunnerspeed
5. Lee Richards
6. HazzN
7. romansoldier
8. MikeyL
9. Mlecus
10. Divinitywolf
11. Ariel David Buena
12. Deathtoll32
13. Mr. Dimagiba 2.0 Philippines for the Filipinos
14. apinyaku
15. EZEX Lacroa
16. Kameha_Joy
17. bursson
18. Nina Ayu
19. yoko Philippine Advancement Party
20. JDCreativos
21. eHiL
22. Guitos
23. SaiX Secta Guru Varnish
24. Ballantines
25. Borra
26. Torla
27. Jurgo Evergetes
28. Stephan
29. Alfonso
30. Javieur
31. Izarhotza
32. RocKcs
33. cabraUB
34. Mithedel
35. Cthulhu
36. Popelus
37. Galahad
38. Ciman
39. Luisdelasanta
40. Weyder

Election Statistics

Party Seats Gained Seat Percentage
Party-Secta Guru Varnish.jpg Secta Guru Varnish 18 45.00%
Party-Filipino Progressive Movement.jpg Filipino Progressive Movement 12 30.00%
Party-Philippines for the Filipinos v2.jpg Philippines for the Filipinos 6 15.00%
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippine Advancement Party 4 10.00%
Total 40 100.00%