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Nationality Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungarian
Date of birth August 2008
Date of death 2010 (est)
Residence Northern Hungary, HungaryIcon-Hungary.png
time to time:
Piedmont, ItalyIcon-Italy.png
Sex Male
Faith Djozikeism (unofficial religion)
Parliamentary Under Secretary of Employment Policy of Hungary
August 2008 – N/A
Ambassador to Singapore of Hungary
16th February 2009 – 28th February 2009
Military rank Icon rank Captain*.png Captain*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Tiburzio (August 2008, Southern Great Plain, Szeged) was a Hungarian regionalist politician and publisher, member of Polgári Platform (PPL), former Parliamentary Under Secretary of Employment Policy and Hungary Ambassador to Singapore. He is the owner and editor of the newspaper Pörkölt, and a Hungarian soldier.


I was born in August 2008 a long time ago — as that was the Era of The Beta Version — in the city of Szeged, on the endless Southern Great Plain.

I started working in the house building industry. Soon I moved to Budapest where I created the Pörkölt (now running under the name Porkolt because of the intolerance towards umlaut), my newspaper for the commercials. Later my newspaper evolved: it became a newspaper dealing with employment policy and advertisements. For my deeds, I was appointed as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Employment Policy under the presidency of kroovy. I was a medium between the human resources and the companies because in those days finding a job was much more difficult than nowadays. Day by day I was searching on the for jobs for unemployed ones. Already in July, I raised the idea of integration of the newbies. I shouldered giving information to citizens who had just started the game. I call kroovy’s presidency the Golden Age of Hungary because we had a talented and conscientious leader resulting togetherness.

I put a black ribbon onto my fedora when Szeged was captured by Romania. As Central Hungary was also invaded I put the black ribbon for the memory of every lost territory of Hungary. So did my days start in Romania. I became the member of eRMDP - PDMeR, a party for the Hungarian minority. Atrocities between Hungarians and Romanians became every-day phenomena. But there were many from both sides who remained self-possessed with whom I always could talk to. Initiations like the "Romániai Magyar alap" (Fund for Hungarians in Romania), "Testvérlapok" (’Newspaper-twinning’) or the "Mi Magunk Mozgalom" (We Ourselves Movement) were born which I supported with the half of my monthly income (in those days 2 RON per diem). But heroic times carry their destiny in themselves: one day they will end. So did the era of kroovy which was followed by political and social instability with many presidents. In addition to this beta version ended which made many old members (RIP) to leave the game.

I used to live in Norway for financial reasons. I got a good salary there from a Hungarian company. But after Romania continued the invasion of Hungary duty called me back home. However, after I came home I didn't find anything the would have even resembled that heroic Golden Age. And the primary problem was that there were no more ambitious politicians. But I stayed in Hungary in the hope of a better future.

During the ATLANTIS invasion of Western-Europe I fought on the side of France, Portugal, and finally Italy. During these wars, I became a Icon Corporal.jpg V1 Corporal. As the fights had ended I stayed in Italy where I got a new job, new place, and new atmosphere. Instead of an Englishman in New York, I was a Hungarian in Turin (Torino) reading both Italian and Hungarian media. I did so because I never gave up the chance of returning to Hungary. I said I would return when someone who could bring back the old era appeared. During the presidency of Quicksilver and after the return of Central Transdanubia I did do justice to my oath and I offered my services to the state hence I became Hungary Ambassador to Singapore which soon became my second disappointment. I believed in Singapore as I wrote in those days:

 We are because we came here to make either a new life or a fortune or simply we said I believe in Singapore. As it is an artificial country with no homogeneous nation, whom can we call a Singaporean? I say to you all those people who decide to go into the cauldron. Why is it a cauldron? Because we fill this cauldron with our hopes and desires. For some of us they come true and after it they go back where the had came. It is natural. But I hope there are some more next to me, who want to do something to make this country appropriate for making dreams to come true 
(Tiburzio, “Ada hari, ada nasi”)

But after the Singaporean gold was gone, political instability came, many dangerous TO's appeared on the horizon I realized that this is not the promised land for everyone who needs it. So I wrote my resignation and moved back to old Turin where I was living still in hope of a better future for Hungary and Hungarian democracy which finally came in March. I joined the fights restoring the original territory of the Hungarian state and finally returned permanently to my mother country. But as soon as I had returned I was given burden IRL so I was periodically inactive. Having ended my times as merely a fellow traveller of Polgári Platform, I joined as a member and ran for the Congress in May in Southern Great Plain, unsuccessfully though.

In July, I ended my unintentional inactivity and took part in the Party Congress of PPL. Following the concerted policies, I ran for Congress again in Northern Hungary but again, unsuccessfully though.


Porkolt is the newspaper owned and published by Tiburzio.


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