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I, Deathtoll32, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Tim09, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 22 May 2008 - Day 184 of the New World
Date of death Unknown
Residence Northern Ireland, UK
Mayor of Oxford
21 June 2008 – 20 August
Preceded by Lourinho
Succeeded by Bibliphocles
Minister of Foreign Affairs of United Kingdom
2 August 2008 – October
Preceded by Skinny Bones Jones
Succeeded by Squiddy
Minister of Trade of Australia
December 08 – December 08
Prime Minister of Australia
6 June 2009 – 5 July 2009
Preceded by patti11
Succeeded by Aussie Vegeta
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Tim09 is an Australian living in the United Kingdom. He was the commander of DropBears Alpha Squad from December 2008 til January 2009. His death was at an unknown date


When asked what they would put on Tim09's wiki one word was consistent: Awesome! This are the quotes about Tim09:

 Really awesome dude 
 An all-round awesome Aussie 
 Groovy dude 
 Tim is a consummate professional with a great gift for diplomacy; he is a superb Minister of Foreign Relations. 
(Rayf Drayson (President of the UK October 08))
 Helpful to new players, making eRep accessible to everyone 
 Great diplomat, great minister, great guy! 
 He must have been really drunk when he chose party 
(Shadowukcs (UK's resident anti commie))

Tim09 has become addicted to eRepublik and spends way too much time on this game. I am sure many of you reading this can understand.

Early Days

Tim09 started off in London due to Sydney apparently being Indonesian and a desire to speak English. After a few days of reading media and working out what to actually do in this game Tim09 received a message from the current mayor of London, Piperbunny. She introduced Tim09 to the UK forums and from there Tim09 learned about the different parties, different jobs (and pay) and the military. He joined the People's Communist Party in the times of Ip Lockard and began to make a name for himself by posting regularly on the forums and contributing to the Party. Tim09 also took on the role of London councilor and was taught the role of mayor along with Stan Wephen.


Tim09 received a British Academy Awards for politics in 2008. For more details see this article. Tim09 ran for mayor of Oxford against the current mayor Lourinho and the mayor of Nottingham, Relic in June. He used an effective PM campaign and was convincingly elected. While mayor Tim09 ran a gift trading scheme, gifted citizens regularly and welcomed many new players such as Squiddy and Hassan Pesaran during his time as mayor. He also ran a logo competition. Tim09 stood down in August to focus on his ministerial role.

In July Tim09 took advantage of a new scheme introduced by the PCP. The apprenticeship scheme allowed ministers to train up to two congressmen. Tim09 became the apprentice MoFA in June and was promoted to underMinister of Foreign Affairs in July. During this time he was active in helping work out the ATLANTIS alliance. In August Skinny Bones Jones retired from politics in the United Kingdom and moved to Canada. Tim09 took on the role of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Since then he has held that role and often acted as an adviser to the president particularly through the political takeover of Ireland and the Romania/Hungary war.

Tim09 is a senior member of the PCP but has been declining the Party Presidency due to real life and more qualified candidates. He was one of the two founding members of the Trade Unions and has consistently represented the people in Congress.

Tim09 is now the PCP Presidential Candidate for the November elections since the previous candidate has stepped down. Tim09 ran a tight race with a great campaign but unfortunately he came out in second place.
After this race Tim09 retired from politics in the UK for the time being. Squiddy replaced him as MoFA and Tim09 turned to focus on the freedom of Australia.

Tim09 returned to Australia, not joining a party in Australia but was Minister of Trade until the end of January. Tim09 moved houses irl in January and lost internet connection for a few months.

Upon returning, in May 2009, Tim09 became the Treasurer of Australia and succeeded Cottus Arci on this position. In the same month he joined the Australian Democratic Socialist Party (ADSP).

In June 2009, Tim09 became Prime Minister of Australia.


Tim09 has worked in the food industry for 3 days, 2 of which he was paid shocking wages by Peter Green. However after contacting Kaleb he was pleased to receive a job in the housing industry. Since then he has worked for Bargain Basement Housing and Q4 housing at a near perfect attendance record.

Tim09 has also been a General manager for the People's Initiative, Investors ltd and True Blue Holdings.

Tim09 has also been a successful currency trader and a founding member of True Blue Holdings, an organisation ran by corny-ratbag, CheeseBall and Siobhan Griffin. This organisation spans Australia, Indonesia, The UK, USA and Croatia. True Blue specialises in high Quality food in the UK, Croatia and Australia.

Tim09 was also part of merchant traders until he was bought out after a 2 week holiday.


Tim09 created Tim's Times and has published many articles in the paper including an interview with Dinho_Eledair that won the e-Pulitzer prize. This honour is shared with two other UK residents. Frufru and Ip Lockard. Tim09 ran the UK branch of Inter-pol as well as his own paper. He is a respected interviewer and has run debates for party elections as well.

Tim09 was competing in the Word Crafter Arena and was one of the final 5 authors. He has reached 100 subscribers again.


Skinny Bones Jones has been a great influence in the life of Tim09. He trained him in foreign affairs and helped him to make connections.

Piperbunny was the mayor of London when Tim09 was born. She was the first person to send him a PM, led him to the forums, trained him as a mayor and invited him to the PCP.

Stan Wephen was pretty cool as well. He did loads for Tim09 - without Stan, Tim wouldn't be where he is today. However considering that Tim09 and Stan moved up together he is more a friend than a mentor :P