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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Day 637
Date of death 2010
Sex Male
Party president of The Green Party
November 2009 – December 2009
Party president in Exile of The Green Party
October 2009 – November 2009
Preceded by Kylero
Ambassador of Lithuania
August 2009 – November 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


It's all on the right, so take a gander. Born on Day 637 - Green as the party he'd later be head of. First contact with a citizen was with the inimitable Mercurius100.

Early Days

At the time he was born in Indonesian-occupied Texas and had Indo citizenship. He immediately blasted articles into the ethers RAILING the fact he was Indonesian and telling anyone listening that it was just SHAMEFUL that a Texan could not be a part of the USA!

There wasn't much he knew in those early days except he wanted to get involved. He sent out another message into the ethers, this time on the US Forums, asking for help in getting to do something. Well, he didn't have to wait long because he was contacted by Drake Koeth of the Umbrella Research Party.


He wanted to be an ambassador, so after he left Umbrella, he applied to be an ambassador. b.k. blake was Deputy Secretary of Ambassadorial Affairs under Wade Seagraves, at the time and he received a spot as Ambassador to Lithuania. He was overjoyed and eagerly set to the task of making an embassy and contacting the Heads of State and Ambassadorial Office there.

 This work really got me interested in International Affairs that continues even now. I got to meet the President (Cawx) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (nesimatoLT), as well as develop a friendship with the country's Official Press director, Akello. During the 2 day crisis when Poland attacked Lithuania, these working relationships were strained and it was great to be in the mix, trying to coordinate some kind of response with Poland and our own Government, in handling this war in Lithuania. 
(Timothy about his position)

The Green Party

PaperBoat (AKA, a million aliases) brought timothy into The Green Party, as he was Chief Recruiter at the time. At the beginning Timothy tried to get know as many people and gather game knowledge, so he was not evolved in the party politics. However, it wasn't long and soon he was taking over for PaperBoat under Kylero's stalwart leadership. He quickly found out that recruiting was NOT his strong suit and decided to run as Party president, newbie that he was!

Because Kylero was just acting as a trustee of the party at the time, he backed timothy for PP and withdrew from the race. Having the endorsement of the PP and party Senator Astra Kat G and the active support of a few other party members, they mounted a campaign that timothy didn't know how to run. He was only 2 months old at the time and didn't know much about mass mailing, connecting with party members, or primaries to weed out ambush PTOs... and it showed!

Jimmy Loomis was just some 2 clicking citizen that threw his hat in the ring for lulz, and he won timothy's first PP attempt in October, as he was totally unprepared for this subterfuge. In a race of personal insults, racism, sexism, and blatant vote buying, he won the Party Presidency and over Jimmy's term, the party fell from the #7 rank down to #9. Jimmy's complete inaction on behalf of the party for a full month and his stubborn refusal to step down just cemented the will power of the party faithful to back timothy for a second run a month later. This time, with the support of the other political parties, The infamous "Greens in Exile" recaptured The Green Party, transforming it into The Green Party, once again. And the whole nation rejoiced!

The Green Party started a metamorphosis into a new creature under the effective and exciting leadership of new Chief of Staff - Sam Kraus - and they increased membership for 20% and started new forums that were MUCH improved.

Office of the International Database

Formerly the Office of Developing Regions under Chris Stanwick, Secretary of State Cerb put TheCrimsonPatriot in charge of compiling an eRep equivalent of the Central Intelligence Agency Factbook together for use by the State Department. Timothy helped to compile in-depth reports on UK and Lithuania due to his background in those nations, but also helped to finish one on Ukraine.

Office of Militia Support

When Office of Militia Support (OMS) was started to form, Timothy immediately jumped for a position of Assistant Director of the OMS under Sydiot. Timothy's right hand man, Matthew Gallaugher, was publishing interviews in the OMS Newspaper, "A Well Armed Populace". OMS got public funding for Militia programs that meet certain criteria and also keep on top of the emergent militia movement. Timothy was maintaining relationship with the SEAL Team 6, Eagles Militia SFP Bear Cavalry, and Easy Company Militia.


Timothy got assigned to the 1st Division, 11th Company, 114th Platoon of the Training Corps and progressed quickly and efficiently through the program and was met with an offer to get a promotion to XO and Sergeant Major in the same platoon he trained in. A week later he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant, Platoon Leader of the 114th Platoon.