Tomma van den Bosch

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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Thailand.jpg Thai
Date of birth February 15, 2009
Residence Central Thailand
Military unit Thai Armed Forces, 1st Squad
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant.png Sergeant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Born and raised in Arizona, Tomma van den Bosch is a want-to-be international tycoon, tabloid-journalist, and law-and-order promoter. He founded Xanadu Titan - an international conglomerate - as well as the National Police Gazette tabloid. He went on to attempt the establishment of the American Rangers - America's volunteer citizens' militia with its American Ranger Auxiliary and the junior U.S. Cadet Corps. Unable to return to the USA after becoming stranded in North-east Mexico during the American-Mexican War, he fled to the Netherlands and then to Brazil, before emigrating to Thailand where he is currently attempting to build a Foreign Legion along the Thai-Burmese border and invest in one or more companies in South-east Asia.

eLife Beginnings


From its humble beginnings in a ramshackle Arizona mining camp and drought-stricken family farm in the Dakota, van den Bosch's empire in its glory now holds dominion over a developing international syndicate - a modest empire upon a modest empire. The first of an agricultural network of family grain farms, logging camps, diamond mines, food mills, arms production, and housing. A modest empire through which flowed the trickle of wealth from the desert's famous Manifest Destiny Iron Mine.


Famed in Arizona legend is the origin of the van den Bosch fortune, how to Tomma's father - early Arizona miner Tomma van den Bosch, Sr. - by a defaulting boarder was left the supposedly worthless deed to an abandoned iron mine - Manifest Destiny. Fifty-seven years later, before a State investigation, Lord Greystoke, II, grand old man of African fame, for years chief target of the van den Bosch tabloid's merciless attacks, recalled a journey he made as a youth to meet with Tomma Senior and his young son just before the elder Tomma's death by the hands of anarchists and hoodlums living in the Superstition Mountains.

"Young Tomma just seemed to develop this gnawing bitterness toward anarchy and thus his obsession with law and order," testified Greystoke.

Tomma never knew his mother and his father's murder left him obsessed with protecting people and exposing crime and corruption wherever he saw it - and sometimes, where he imagined he saw it.


"There is nothing new under the sun -- a fact that is known to us, yet buried deep within, to be teased out only occasionally by sublime devices such as the National Police Gazette." With these words van den Bosch began his career as a tabloid journalist.

The Gazette, van den Bosch announced in its first issue, would be a tabloid newspaper, with lurid coverage of outlaws, near-do-wells and those prone to the faux-pas. Instead, the tabloid featured lurid photographs of scantily clad avatars, often skirting on the edge of what was considered decent. Though it sought to expose the nation's scandals, vice syndicates, and monkeyshines - especially in high places - it failed to ever expose one single bit of dirt. Van den Bosch scoured America, begging for dirt, yet - in the end - his high-horse moral adventure found only rumors and shadows.

Commonly referred to as simply the Police Gazette, this tabloid's proprietor Tomma van den Bosch later admitted he was actually "a pseudo-journalist, media-mogul want-to-be and more of a part-time booster for a variety of ideas and populist initiatives." He once told his half-brother Lord Greystoke, III that he fancied himself a 'lobbyist for the people.'"


Tomma van den Bosch is a military veteran. He volunteered for service during a time of war and served valiantly, sometimes fighting with his bare hands in several battles in the War with Mexico. He was a member of the National Guard and reported for duty and training whenever called. Left in Northeast Mexico during the American-Mexican War, he was unable to return to the United States. In a panic, he travelled to the Netherlands where he found he was still unable to return. He then went to Brazil and from there was recruited by a group claiming to be forming a Foreign Legion in Thailand and training with the National Liberation Front on the Thai-Burmese border. An article on this adventure appeared in a March issue of the National Police Gazette.


Calling it his epiphany, van den Bosch recalls the moment in Croatia when - as a young man - he sported with risky Monetary market speculation. "I thought I was clever. I had money to burn exchanging gold for currency and then currency for gold - expecting to become rich instantly," he told Greystoke later. "And there I was, in a far-away land, realizing that I had just squandered away much of my father's inheritance to me. I determined there and then that I would employ discipline, hard work, and the creation of a new world-wide syndicate the world has never seen. I resolved that I would - with others - build a transnational conglomerate to continue the work of my father. I vowed I would continue what he had started from the dust and ore before his life was stamped out."

It is reported that van den Bosch travelled through Japan on his way home from Croatia. While in Japan, van den Bosch met with a a mysterious group of international magnates in Kanto. Following this meeting, van den Bosch chose to delay his return to the south-western desert in order to travel first to Canada's Northwest Territories. There, in a small cabin in the Canadian wilderness, van den Bosch met with the Lord Greystoke, III - son of his father's life-long nemesis. Together, the two formed the beginning of a empire - the organization Xanadu Titan - named after Saturn's gigantic and beautiful moon. Xanadu Titan purchased a diamonds mining company and renamed it de Bois Diamonds. When van den Bosch returned to the USA, he began a frantic campaign to purchase and start companies, beginning with Milk & Cookies. Other companies included Arkansas Lumber, Dakota Family Farms, Double Barreled Weapons, and Free and Clear Housing Co.


Van den Bosch joined the Conservative Party when he became eligible to vote, and - inspired by USA President Uncle Sam's leadership during the Mexican War - switched to the Libertarian Party in early March of 2009. Upon his arrival in Thailand, van den Bosch joined the Pattana Unity Party and its armed forces.

Family Legacy

The son of self-made millionaire and widower Tomma van den Bosch, Sr., Tomma Junior became aware that his father received an Arizona iron mine, Manifest Destiny Iron Mine, as payment from a family boarder. Still a student at some eastern college, he returned to Arizona to ask his father to give him the mine to run. In late February, he became the mine's owner and devoted long hours and much money to making it a success.

Citizen1314876 v2.jpg Tomma van den Bosch, Sr.

While visiting the mine with his father in late February, young Tomma witnessed the brutal murder of Tomma Senior by anarchist thugs and ne're-do-wells living near the iron mine in the Superstition Mountains. Locked inside the mine's elevator, young Tomma was unable to come to his father's defense. From that point forward, Tomma began crusading for civic improvement and attempting to expose municipal corruption. He begged State and Federal officials for a national police force and he established the National Police Gazette to serve as his movement's primary organ. Even so, his paper provided only sensationalized stories of dubious veracity and it enjoyed only modest circulation.

International Business Ventures

Rebuffed by his less than stellar tabloid success, van den Bosch moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. There he acquired Dakota Grains and began hiring displaced family farmers. And thus was formed Dakota Family Farms - a more friendly agribusiness espousing concern for the wellness of its employees. A bitter grain war with other grain companies continued the trend of "basement prices" for grain. Acquiring more companies, van den Bosch created a chain that employed workers from Arizona's mountains to Canada's Northwest Territories at its peak. He later expanded his holdings by purchasing two European-based organizations, creating the beginnings of a currency-poor transnational conglomerate.

Xanadu Titan

Named after the planet Saturn's largest moon, Xanadu Titan was the parent organization for the van den Bosch conglomerate. It operated from Brazil.

Citizens' Militia

Following a conversation with West Virginia Congressman and former Presidential candidate scrabman, during which he promised not to "shoot anybody," Tomma van den Bosch attempted to form three volunteer militia groups:

  • American Rangers for concerned American citizens willing to make "citizen arrests" in the name of law and order.
  • American Rangers Auxiliary for the spouses of American Rangers.
  • U.S. Cadet Corps for the sons and daughters of American Rangers.

None of these groups fully formed due to the distractions of the great economic decline and social chaos in the United States during the period following the American-Mexican war and Uncle Sam's impeachment. Mr. van den Bosch is now channelling his energies and passion for law enforcement into a campaign to help form a Foreign Legion based along the Thailand-Burma border.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Tomma van den Bosch is shares an interest in forming a Foreign Legion with Lord Greystoke - a Canadian immigrant who emigrated to Arizona and worked in Pennsylvania before emigrating to Thailand.
  • Tomma van den Bosch, a former National Guardsman, responded to his country's call and fought many battles in the Mexican War. sometimes with weapons and sometimes bare-handed.
  • During his last venture into the North-east portion of Mexico on behalf of his country, he became trapped - unable to return to the USA after that region was taken over by Portugal. Van den Bosch then fled to the Netherlands, where he worked for a while, then to Brazil, and then to Thailand.