Totally Outlaw Party

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Totally Outlaw Party

Party-Totally Outlaw Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Abbreviation TOP
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Partai TOP
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Meaning: A party that runs from how a normal party should work.

TOP is a party that didn't have a political interest, didn't do a political campaign, didn't go for the Presidency, and didn’t want Congress either.

Our Vision

Make Indonesia or our Alliance to conquer the world.

Special Notes

  1. All TOP members should be active in IRC channel
  2. TNeI is a legitimate military organization in Indonesia and we support them
  3. We urge newbie or those who need military experience to help to protect Indonesia to join TNeI
  4. Every member can freely vote any presidency or congress candidate


channel: #eTOP
Your nick should be registered


  1. Q5 hospital for Papua's region in Indonesia
  2. Q5 hospital for Lesser Sunda's region in Indonesia
  3. Secret Mission xxx

List of known Members

- o0n3m00o (angkatan ke 1)
- prince (angkatan ke 1)
- gresh (angkatan ke 1)
- mumun (angkatan ke 1)
- mbah_jambronk (angkatan ke 1)
- pru aka sibebekterbang (angkatan ke 2)
- maling (angkatan ke 3)
- somp3l (angkatan ke 4)
- BadMail (angkatan ke 4)
- koedanil (angkatan ke 4)
- bolodewo (angkatan ke 5)
- Wonder Forward (angkatan ke 5)
- silentrazgriz (angkatan ke 6)

Mission to jelly land you can see more details about this mission here:

- inul_unyil (angkatan ke 7)
- progresivers (angkatan ke 7)
- kobis (angkatan ke 7)
- gannastory (angkatan ke 7)
- popon (angkatan ke 7)
- pandahitam (angkatan ke 7)
- sionk (angkatan ke 7)
- irvan (angkatan ke 7)
- threesecond (angkatan ke 7)
- qriepiek (angkatan ke 7)
- tusheng (angkatan ke 7)
- wandrip (angkatan ke 7)
- zaoldicyek (angkatan ke 7)

Back home

- orangeday (angkatan ke 8)
- Calon Rakyat Jelata (angkatan ke 9)
- rinisawa (angkatan ke 9)
- xhammerx (angkatan ke 9)
- mukio (angkatan ke 9)
- fandi89 (angkatan ke 9)

note: tambahin yang belom masuk...


- o`on (irc only - angkatan ke 1)
- juroichi (irc only - angkatan ke 1)
- coklat (foreigners spy - angkatan ke 1)
- Rafee (angkatan ke 1)
- volturi (angkatan ke 3)
- oasishead (angkatan ke 2)
- nugrahaboy(angkatan ke 2)
- ina_na a.k.a ina_indonesia(angkatan ke 1)
- somp3l (irc only - angkatan ke 4)

TOP Foundation

TOP also had several programs in RL in order to help those in need, in order to do this TOP Foundation was made. The cash flow and the project could have been seen here:

Bank Account:
Benedictus Hendytyas
BRI Cabang Yogyakarta

Projects were:

  1. Helping a family (Hasan Family) of 4 members, all of them are impaired and mentally retarded. TOP became their foster parents. The fund was donated every month. On March 2012, support was stopped after the family was able to stand on their own feet.
  2. Taking care of a kid Aldi- who don't know who are his parents. In November 2012, Aldi ran away and nobody knows where he is now :(.
  3. Help event in TMII, 500 orphans paint a picture event on November 12 2011. The event can be seen in the National Newspaper by clicking here:
  4. Became foster parents via Ongoing project. (based on meeting on November 11, 2011).
  5. Give books for children on a badass community in RL[1].
  6. Donate for Indonesia charity on July 25th, 2012[2].
  7. Became foster parents for a teen kid (his name is Alan) at the 2nd grade of high school who loses his father and is living alone in Jakarta - June - 25 - 2013.

Behind the Scenes

New logo used since 2012; later used by Partai TOP