Treaty of Dublin

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This treaty is currently a law proposal, so it is not in action, please governments contact me (loyen) if you want more informations.

This is a Contract. Please do not change the details included within this section. The original document can be found here.


By signing this Treaty, the country Presidents, the representatives of the founding countries agree on officially founding an alliance. This Treaty becomes effective by the sign of the Presidents of all parties.


  1. Article I - General Provisions and definitions
    1. The union shall be referred to as the Trade and Defence Network, or TDN.
    2. The nations of Ireland, and the two first countries to sign shall be the founding members hereinafter also referred to as the “Core Members”.
    3. The union shall have three Core Members distinguished only by having the right of veto.
    4. The member countries must have a government representative, who will represent his country at meetings
  1. Article II - Aims
    1. The general aim of the Alliance shall be to help the member states to achieve their aims in trade and military fields
    2. The aim of the Alliance shall be to help the member countries to obtain all the resources what they need to run their economy effectively, to maintain political stability of the state, to advance their military conquest, and help to defend their regions.
  1. Article III - Members
    1. The Core Members of the Alliance are Ireland and the two first countries to sign.
    2. Any country can become a member of the Alliance after being proposed by one of the Core Members
    3. If the candidate country refuses to accept the Charter, it’s membership is to be considered invalidated
    4. Qualities that a future Member States should posses are:
  • Stable internal policy.
  • No hostilities between Member countries and the future Member.
  • Have at least one region AT the signature.
    1. A member country can be expelled from the Alliance with a voting of a majority of all other member states representative.
  1. Article IV - Illegal actions
    1. Any aggressive act against another member country will result in a disciplinary hearing.
    2. Any act of Political Take Over against an other country, which was proven to be directed by the members government will result in a disciplinary hearing.
  1. Article V - Actions to be taken after signature
    1. The member countries should sign a Mutual Protection Pact with all core members countries.
    2. A full list of all cabinet member and noticeable citizens (journalists, military leaders, business owners) should be sent to the TDN headquarter.


This Contract was signed on July 2011.