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Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

True Blue International
Logo of True Blue International
Owners corny-ratbag, Tim09, CheeseBall, Siobhan Griffin
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Subsidiaries True Blue Food, True Blue Gifts, True Blue Tucker, True Blue Grain, True Blue Diamonds and many more
Founded June 2008
Founders corny-ratbag, Tim09
Industries Raw materials, Manufacturing
Products 7 different sectors

True Blue International was a corporation run by four Aussies.


True Blue International has grown from 1 gifts company owned by corny-ratbag (and sponsored by Tim09 in tough times) to an organisation with True Blue Food and True Blue Gifts in the UK and True Blue Grain, True Blue Diamonds and True Blue Tucker in Western Australia.

The idea to join together as a holdings was to be able to exchange currency in foreign accounts. With an initial investment of Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD Tim09 and corny-ratbag started True Blue Holdings and used the 5 invite gold to send it around the New World. Since then CheeseBall and Siobhan Griffin have bought into the company with the initial investment of Icon-gold.gif 50 GOLD.

In June, Corny-Ratbag was PCP member of the month which greatly enhanced his, and the brands name that he ran, reputation.

True Blue International was a member of CCCP group.

In November 2009 the organization had seven different companies under its control.

Wage Schemes

True Blue International offers incentives for their employees, especially new citizens. This includes gifting to increase productivity and a guarantee that the organization will answer any question that their combined knowledge can answer to.

Articles in the News about True Blue

True Blue for a True Blue Australia

  • True Blue - to be loyal or faithful.
  • True Blue - to be a patriotic Australian.
  • True Blue - holding our country close to our hearts.

The True Blue Corporation has been a longstanding supporter of the Australian Ind. Movement, from its birth in the wake of the Indonesian Takeover. Its founder - corny-ratbag - took the organisation from a single Q1 food company in early June to an international level by the end of September, with 5 companies bearing the True Blue logo and no less than four Australian residents at the corporation's head.

Continuing in its goal to support the eAustralian Fight For Freedom, True Blue made its long-awaited return home in the hours after V1 rolled in, setting up True Blue Diamonds and True Blue Grain as two of the first Raw Material producers on Australian soil.

Come and join in a new industry at the ground floor, where you will be setting the benchmarks for future RM employees to meet!

Come and join True Blue Diamonds and True Blue Grain and support Australian Independence!

The True Blue Team - corny-ratbag, Tim09, CheeseBall, Siobhan Griffin.