True Blue Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation TBP
Newspaper True Blue Bulletin
Forum TBP Forum
Colors Green, Yellow, Blue and Black
Dissolved 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The True Blue Party was a party in Australia. It was founded by corny-ratbag in early 2009. The current Party president is Mikhail Alexander.

Party Policies

Equal Rights For All

1. ~ TBP believes that every citizen should be treated as an equal, giving them the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
a. TBP encourages all citizens to get involved in the media and friendly political activities
b. TBP encourages all citizens to join the forums giving them the opportunity to comment on and propose ideas
c. TBP believes that citizens should be encouraged, using competitions, to be creative and put forward their ideas
d. TBP believes in giving active and interested citizens the opportunity to become a minister using the deputy minister program
e. TBP believes that citizens deserve to be rewarded for the work and effort they make, however they shall not be placed above others

Health and Happiness Support

2. ~ TBP believes that every citizen has the right, and if needed government support, to maintain their health and happiness therefore enabling a highly productive economy.
a. TBP supports the continuation of Centrelink and believes that citizens should be offered health and happiness as often as financially and materialistically possible.
b. TBP believes that workers should be offered a wage high enough to support their daily health and happiness loss.

Economic Stability

3. ~ TBP believes that all companies have the right to make a profit, however they also have the responsibility of maintaining a fair, stable economy.
a. TBP supports the publishing of a RRP chart for new and experienced companies owners to refer to
b. TBP believes in offering government incentives for companies to upgrade when there is a shortage in higher qualities
c. TBP believes that companies that are damaging the economy should be educated rather than boycotted, only if after discussion has taken place and they continue the act will a punishment be placed

Australia - The Neutral Nation

4. ~ TBP believes that Australia should remain as a neutral country, putting itself forward as a brother to all nations.
a. TBP believes you don't need alliances to have allies
b. TBP believes in fighting on both sides so as to negate the effect on the outcome in training operations

Moral and Ethical Obligations

5. ~ TBP believes in doing the right thing morally
a. TBP believes our support in war should go to those who are being wronged
b. TBP believes we should place Australia before ourselves
c. TBP believes mud slinging is repulsive and comments should be constructive and not derogatory in our debates
d. TBP believes in giving citizens and companies a second chance


Soon after Corny-ratbag left the New World, the True Blue Party suffered a decline in the amount of party members. This was partially due to other parties being more vocal in attracting new members, and partly due to a lack of leadership. The result of this was that the remaining members of the True Blue Party officially merged with a newly formed Australian Political Party, the Australian New Ideas party, in early 2010. Since that time, the True Blue Party has remained as an official political party (it has not been removed in-game yet), however the vast majority of its members have left this party (and the entirety of its active members). In July 2010, Mikhail Alexander was elected into the old party reins and renamed it back to the True Blue Party.


In the past, the True Blue Party has had many senators, and the majority of them have served the nation well. The following is a list of those senators:

Month and Year Senator Votes
December 2008 K A Bracher 2
December 2008 Isildur88 1
January 2009 Bluebottle 6
February 2009 roezky 6
February 2009 Shady Ed 6
March 2009 CheeseBall 15
March 2009 Corny-ratbag 6
March 2009 Scotywest 5
March 2009 TheBlackAdder 3
March 2009 DonMogul 3
April 2009 StewartB 17
April 2009 Corny-ratbag 13
April 2009 Maverick Goh 9
April 2009 Jaz Razzle 8
April 2009 TheBlackAdder 7
April 2009 Bobius 6
April 2009 DonMogul 4
May 2009 TheBlackAdder 21
May 2009 Corny-ratbag 20
May 2009 Mark Sanchez 11
May 2009 Maverick Goh 9
May 2009 Australian Warlord 9
May 2009 Saturnus Aurello 4
May 2009 Meli Bound 4
May 2009 Santic 3
May 2009 John Sykes 3
May 2009 Timothy Rogers (wildcard) 3
June 2009 Corny-ratbag 31
June 2009 Mark Sanchez 20
June 2009 Maverick Goh 7
June 2009 Stewstoyc 4
June 2009 Santic 2
June 2009 TJ Winner 2
June 2009 Amelia Black(wildcard) 9
July 2009 Corny-ratbag 14
July 2009 TheBlackAdder 5
July 2009 Ben P 4
July 2009 TJ Winner 2
July 2009 Ryan Savastano 1
July 2009 Manic Frenzy(wildcard)
August 2009 corny-ratbag 27
August 2009 CrowdedHouse 14
August 2009 TheBlackAdder 8
August 2009 Lord Rhindon 8
August 2009 Ryan Savastano 3
August 2009 TJ Winner 2
August 2009 yuurmumma 2
August 2009 Santic 1
August 2009 Meadow(wildcard) 8
September 2009 corny-ratbag 24
September 2009 Chris Stanwick 3
September 2009 Mark Sanchez 2
September 2009 damien rivea (wildcard) 10
October 2009 corny-ratbag 22
October 2009 CrowdedHouse* 17
October 2009 TheBlackAdder 7
October 2009 Cerridwen Voeland 5
October 2009 Mark Sanchez 3
October 2009 CookieAU (wildcard) 12
November 2009 Not Top 5 party None

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Date Term Ended Party President Avatar
16th March 2009 15 April 2009 corny-ratbag Citizen237301.jpg
16th April 2009 15 May 2009 corny-ratbag Citizen237301.jpg
16th May2009 15 June 2009 corny-ratbag Citizen237301.jpg
16th June 2009 15 July 2009 corny-ratbag Citizen237301.jpg
16th July 2009 15 August 2009 corny-ratbag Citizen237301.jpg
16th August 2009 15 September 2009 corny-ratbag Citizen237301.jpg
16th September 2009 15 October 2009 corny-ratbag Citizen237301.jpg
16th October 2009 15 November 2009 TheBlackAdder Citizen1224223.jpg
16th November 2009 15th December 2009 Santic Citizen1356489.jpg
16th December 2009 15th January 2010 Mark Sanchez Citizen1398188.jpg
16th January 2010 15th February 2010 UK Dragon UK Dragon.jpg
16th February 2010 15th May 2010 Unknown Unknown Person.jpg
16th May 2010 c. 5th June 2010 Timeoin Citizen1480520 v2.jpg
c. 5th June 2010 15th July 2010 Unknown Unknown Person.jpg
16th July 2010 23rd July 2010 Mikhail Alexander Citizen2414726.jpg