True Patriots

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True Patriots


For the Pride of America

General Information
Disbanded October 1, 2009
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Region Florida
Colors Red, White and Blue
Type Betterment
Total Soldiers 9


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The True Patriots are a group of die hard Patriots looking to better the American Government through any means possible. They operate from their base in the United States of America capital and go all over the world helping allies who are under attack from an aggressor. They were started in response to current global affairs of the time, when no matter the size or position of a country, they could be instantly attacked.


Scott Coyle the original founder of the group spread his hands far and wide through out the world looking for Americans who wanted to see their country become the best in the world. So he contacted many friends and government officials and asked for help in bringing civilian assets to the battlefield to help not only America but those who have shown to be friends and|or allies to the USA. During that time the first Account was set-up to be the main communication and treasury for the entire group. Shortly after a week long pm'ing campaign a new website was created to be the main resource for the group to communicate through.

The future is coming and you know that it will be for the betterment of all Americans


The organization is ran primarily by a President and Consul (USA BASED) which decide on the future of the group. The voting can be brought forth by any full member of the group and it must be passed by at least two of the three full member categories. In this group everyone voice is heard.

Past Members

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