Turkish Air Force

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Turkish Air Force

Turkish Air Force2.png

The future is in the skies

General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Region Aegean Coast of Turkey
Total Soldiers 43
Commanded by ultrAsIan
2nd Mehmet D58
Commanders darkdefender06
Part of Army of the Republic of Turkey

Military Unit Achievements

MU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Aircraft 1.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Aircraft 2.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Aircraft 3.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Aircraft 1.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Aircraft 2.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Aircraft 3.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Ground 3.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Ground 2.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Ground 3.png

Turkish Air Force is a military unit of Turkey which was founded due to the lack of damage in airforce battles. The army is highly supported by the state of Turkey.



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Turkish Air Force was founded by Meronym and Janis Gustavian(who were first two commanders of this military unit) on day 3,310. The aim was to provide air support in battles of eTR and its allies. In a very short time, it became one of the most important and powerful military units of Turkey.
Turkish Air Force supports new players and aims to successfully represent Turkey in air battles.


Turkish Air Force with over 40 active members is one of the biggest armies in Turkey.

Some of the important members of the army is as follows:

Meronym (Ex-commandder, January 2017 - April 2017 )
Janis Gustavian (Ex-2nd Commander, January 2017 - April 2017)
Resolute (Ex-2nd Commander, January 2017 - April 2017)
thats what she said (Ex Captain, January 2017 - April 2017)
ultrAsIan (Current Commander)
Mehmet D58 (Current 2nd Commander)