Turkish Political Takeover of Malaysia

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The first Turk in Malaysia was Atropates, his citizenship was accepted on 11 October 2011. He is known as the leader of the PTOers and became president after Marcotje was impeached. Under presidency of Atropates, Malaysia became the major part of the far east politics and wars. Malaysia together with China, nearly erased Indonesia, finally Indonesia had to make an agreement with Malaysia. The major characters in this improvement are DoomHammer and Bloody_Baron together with leader of the movement Atropates.

Reserve Bank of Malaysia

After the second impeachment of Marcotje, Atropates was assigned as president. Atropates sent a ticket to the admins and he gained the account information of the Reserve Bank of Malaysia. Many donation proposals were made to this organization by the eMalaysian congress under control of the Turks. More than 300 Gold and a lot of MYR has disappeared from that organization. The full account of the organization was stolen by the Turks.


The eMLP was the first Party conquered by the PTOers. Multies were made by Zemion who then sold the Party to DoOmHaMmEr, one of the Turks. Since then this party is under Turkish control.

Economic Growth

Turks brought great improvement on Malaysian economy. Malaysian government started to collect 100K MYR tax daily which is far more than 10K daily tax collected before Turks arrived. The Malaysian economy grew because of the Turks moving to Malaysia with all of their companies, all of the growth was gone when the Turks left including all the tax money collected as it was donated to the Reserve Bank of Malaysia.


On 5 Februari after Hajariyan won the Presidential Elections, Turks started to leave. The money of Malaysia was taken from the Reserve Bank of Malaysia and so there was no reason to stay. The leaders of the Turks left Malaysia in the first half of February 2012.