Turkuaz Hareket

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General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Abbreviation TH
National rank 20
Founded 2017 (est)
Members 1
Congress Occupancy N/A
Succeeds Milliyetçi Toplum Partisi
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Turkuaz Hareket is a political party which was built on an old party with the same name. Today the party is led by BotePatpak, a member of Lazocracy.


When Milliyetçi Toplum Partisi ceased to exist, party with this ID 4655 went through some different leaders and name changes. Following is the list of known leaders of the party with this ID, as it is not sure when exactly Turkuaz Hareket was established.

Party president Mandate Start Mandate End Note
Teeemo 2017/01/16 2017/02/16
Cyberkoc 2017/02/16 2017/04/16
GokboruYamtarTunguz 2017/04/16 2017/06/16
Don Milli 2017/06/16 2017/07/?
no information 2017/07/16 2018/05/16
Captain James T Kirk 2018/05/16 2019/06/16
no information 2018/06/16 2018/08/16
Otekilesmek 2019/08/16 2019/05/16
saveyourass 2019/05/16 2019/06/16
BotePatpak 2019/06/16 Present Lazocrat

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