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Welcome to eRepublik.


With most games you play it is beneficial to specialise your skills from the first day. In eRepublik the main game modules are the economy module, the politics module and the war module. It is best to utilise all these main modules to develop your character as much as possible, rather than being too specialised.

You should treat this guide as a walkthrough for your first few days of gameplay. Wherever possible we have linked to more detailed guides that will explain why we are telling you to do something.

Before you click any buttons, there are certain things you (as a new player) should not do. Some of these will open up to you later, and some are always a bad idea:

  • Building any companies
  • Spending gold or energy bars for energy
  • Trying to gain any medals through fighting
  • Buying low quality weapons

The tutorial will be useful for your first few days in eRepublik. Whilst the tutorial was written by the Government of the eUK, and includes links to eUK national projects, citizens of any country can use this guide. Just note that the economic support mentioned is limited to eUK citizens only.

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