Dio Bradonja

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Dio Bradonja

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Nationality Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistani
Date of birth November 11, 2010
Residence Punjab
Newspaper Nederland
Military unit Vukovi
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Wing commander 0.png Wing Commander

Serbia and Montenegro

Bradonja was born in Vojvodina, on 11 November 2010, as referral of Banatjanin.

During his e-life in Serbia, he served in the Serbian military and paramilitary formations, being a Congressman and an associate in the Serbian Ministry of Defense. In 2013, he moved to Montenegro and in the following period, he worked on strengthening ties between Serbia and Montenegro, both in the military and political field, simultaneously as Country President and Minister in Montenegrin Governments and a member of the command chain of the official Army of Serbia, and in media, by publishing numerous of newspaper articles and interviews with Serbian and Montenegrin citizens.

During his term as Minister of Defense, the dream of a United States of Montenegro was born. Montenegro successfully landed in Colorado on 17 July 2013 and in the following days conquered 6 other territories - Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas and Oklahoma.


At the end of 2018, Bradonja becomes a soldier of Dutch Armed Forces and Spokesman of the Geuzen Partij Nederland. The glorious party is reviving, and already in January 2019, party will become the 3rd political power in the country. Bradonja served one term as Minister of Defense of the Netherlands and for the first time in his e-life as Minister of Education, during which term he published a series of newspaper articles.


Nine years since birth, delighted by the truth he finds in Dioism, Bradonja becomes a Pakistani soldier.


In the Nederland newspaper readers can find numerous articles, of different content, both in Serbian and English.