USA-Canada War

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USA-Canada War
Map of USA-Canada War
Date 11 April 2008 –
26 April 2008
Location North America
Result None
Territorial Changes None
Fights 1448
Flag-USA.png USA
Volunteer fighters from:
Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Volunteer fighters from:
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Flag-Italy.jpg Italy, others
Battles Fought 32 (USA 0 vs Canada 32)
Fights Won USA 400 vs Canada 719
Draw Fights 329


This was the first major conflict in eRepublik. The USA, encouraged by the fact that the president of Canada at that time, Faltnor, had very few appearances in public, was willing to test its military strength. As such, it confidently declared war on Canada on April 11, 2008. The result of the conflict was a draw after 14 days of the war. This was due to the actions of the many freedom fighters who joined Canada in search of action and fame. Another interesting fact was that this war triggered a chain of events which led to Canada being one of the most active states in eRepublik.

Legends say that many Citizens died in this war and that regions of the USA were highly disputed by the two sides. During the initial stages of the conflict, the USA had the greatest advantage, taking many Canadian regions on the first day. These were eventually recovered, and after a short ceasefire, only one Canadian region remained in USA hands. This was the region of Manitoba, which was eventually recovered by Canada with the assistance of many other states after intense fighting in one of the bloodiest battles in eRepublik history. A peace treaty was signed between the USA and Canada the day after the battle.

The USA-Canada War was one of the first wars in eRepublik and ended April 26, 2008 after 15 days.

Bugs and Glitches

This war was responsible for bringing many bugs and glitches of the game into the open. Many of these were abused by both states during the conflict; however, such abuses had begun before the war even started.

On the initial declaration of war, a bug in the Mutual Protection Pacts page showed Sweden as an ally to Canada, which they denounced. It did, however, cause the USA to cancel its declaration and gave Canada another 3 days to gather troops and freedom fighters from throughout the world.

One of the more problematic bugs allowed a fallen soldier to use a hospital multiple times increasing wellness to 100 for every battle. The administration of eRepublik called a cease fire to repair this bug, among others bugs, which cease fire lasted roughly a week. Once the war resumed, battlefields opened and closed on both sides of the border.

One bug even had Canadians fighting Canadians in their own territory at one point.

The war module has gone through constant update and repair since the US/Canadian war, which was the first war of real consequence to test it.


On April 26, 2008, The Canadian President (Faltnor), The American President (Nave Saikiliah) and John Wilkmot (Canadian serving as the "middle man") entered peace talks over MSN. Before this day, the two presidents had spoken but both demanded unreasonable terms and could not come to an agreement. Talks continued for about an hour, mostly consisting of insults and arguments before an agreement was reached on the terms (with no small part to John Wilkmot's persuasion on both sides). The terms were an end to the war and a 3 month NAP and no money offered on either side to stop it. After they agreed on the terms, Nave finally agreed to also give 100 gold, but only if it remained a private matter. Faltnor then told Derick Braham (another Canadian) secretly, and the fact quickly spread through both sides.

Notable Events

In the final battle of the war - the Battle of Manitoba - President Nave Saikailah became the first tank in eRepublik by spending gold to recover health and fight continuously, killing many Canadians in the process. In the beta era, this method was referred to as pulling a Nave for several months.


While the official name is USA-Canada war, most Americans refer to it as the US-Canadian war.

Good-humored Canadians call it the War of Nave's Toe, coined by now Canadian President Adam Sutler. This reference to the War of 1812 was a response to an article by then-president of the US, Nave Saikiliah, in which he gloats about a battle that he fought in, and beat then-president of Canada, Faltnor. The reference of his toe comes from a part in the article when he mentions that he stubbed his toe.

Some on either side refer to it as the CanAm war.

Important People

Faltnor, Nave Saikiliah, John Wilkmot, Derick Braham, det john kimble, Dishmcds, Uncle Sam, Albert Ainstain