USA-Mexico War

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USA-Mexico War
Map of USA-Mexico War
Date February 26, 2009 –
May 4, 2009
Location Mexico
Result Mexican victory, Baja Agreement
Flag-USA.png USA Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico Volunteer fighters from:
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Flag-Theocratic Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Flag-Chile.jpg Chile
Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Flag-Workers' Militia.jpg Workers' Militia
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-USA.jpg Uncle Sam Flag-Mexico.jpg giles

On the last day of February in 2009, Uncle Sam, the President of the USA declared War on Mexico. He initially did so for several reasons, named in the article titled "Take us to Meh-hee-co", stating that the USA intended to "free" or "liberate" Mexico from the Polish takeover attempt. The USA caught fire for several reasons on this war declaration. First, they failed to notify their own alliance of their intent to invade Mexico, eventually ending with them being asked by several countries to pay the fine to ATLANTIS for violating they internal Treaty. The other is that Mexico had always been a peaceful nation, and hadn't taken part in any operation anywhere in the New World. President Uncle Sam asked the congress to declare war on Mexico on February 26. Two days afterward, attacks were launched on Baja, Northeast of Mexico, and Northwest of Mexico regions of Mexico. The USA swiftly took over these regions. There have also been rumors that the entire attack was a political stunt that failed.

Several countries signed alliances with Mexico in response, with Hungary's alliance activating too late to assist in the first three battles. On March 7, USA forces attacked Valley of Mexico as well as Pacific Coast of Mexico. Valley of Mexico region was conquered, followed shortly after by Oaxaca. Brazil then signed an alliance with Mexico, and another proposed with Italy. Uncle Sam then ordered the attack on all three remaining regions, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Coast of Mexico, and Southeast of Mexico, officially to prevent Italy from helping Mexico. Later, the USA amended their reasons for attacking, stating it was in response to the Hungarian attacks on Romania (even though it was Romania who declared and started each war it had been a part of). He stated here that the continued attack was simply to defend Romania (something which Romania actually had a problem with, considering it didn't deflect all that much damage), and once again changed their story here stating that they continued so an MPP with Italy wouldn't have time to activate.

While the current battles and regions of Mexico may be in dispute, Mexicans have held their hope high that Mexico will once again exist, even if the USA manages to occupy it for a short time. There have been several pleas from the USA Media asking Mexicans to assimilate into society, but most have been ignored. On March 10, Portugal led a PEACE GC attack against USA forces in Southeast of Mexico of Mexico, helping the country avoid being overrun. The Southeast fell, but the Mexicans and allies secured the Gulf and the Pacific. On March 10, PEACE forces led by Portugal launched Operation Tequila Sunrise in support of Mexico. US forces were driven out of the Southeast of Mexico the next day, and then attacked in Oaxaca. With fortunes turning against the USA, Mexico retook the Northwest on March 12. Baja followed the next day, while Portugal advanced through Oaxaca and Valley of Mexico. The last territory under US control, the Northeast of Mexico was abandoned on the 15th.

The USA requested a ceasefire agreement which would allow continued force training through resistance wars for several weeks. This was accepted, and the Americans reoccupied Baja for this purpose. The agreement lasted until early May, when Baja was returned to Mexico and a final peace treaty was signed on May 4.


Date Action Result
Feb/28/09 USA attacks Baja USA victory
Mar/1/09 USA attack Northwest of Mexico USA victory
Mar/1/09 USA attacks Northeast of Mexico USA victory
Mar/7/09 USA attacks Valley of Mexico USA victory
Mar/9/09 USA attacks Oaxaca USA victory
Mar/10/09 USA attacks Pacific Coast of Mexico Mexico victory
Mar/10/09 USA attacks Gulf of Mexico Mexico victory
Mar/10/09 USA attacks Southeast of Mexico USA victory
Mar/12/09 Mexico attacks Northwest of Mexico Mexico victory
Mar/13/09 Mexico attacks Baja Mexico victory