USA-Poland War

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USA-Poland War
Date March 25, 2011 –
April 23, 2011
Location North America [1]
Result Poland is ejected from North America
Fights 10
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexico
Flag-USA.png USA
Flag-France.png France
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany

The USA-Poland War, was a conflict between the USA and Poland that began on March 25th, 2011. USA allies, France and Germany had been fighting with Poland for a few days prior to the initial USA attack. This war would become part of the much larger World War V.


Before the outbreak of hostilities, the USA and Poland had maintained a long-lasting peace, stemming from previous wars in which each country had provided assistance to the other on a regular basis. In fact, just a few weeks earlier, Poland had been peacefully renting USA territories found well within the USA homeland; including Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, and North Dakota. Poland would no longer possess these territories at the beginning of the war, instead having allowed the rental agreements to expire peacefully, and opting to secure almost complete possession of the country of Mexico. This had been made possible after the Second USA-Mexico War, when the USA had first conquered and then released Mexico almost in its entirety, with the exclusion of Baja.

Despite the friendship that the two countries had enjoyed in the past, a conflict between the nations developed shortly after Poland launched aggressive attacks against Terra member-states, France and Germany. As a result, the USA (a Terra member) was compelled to defend its allies, and on March 24, 2011 declared Poland as it's natural enemy. This was followed by a full assault against the Poland held territory of Southeast of Mexico on March 25, 2011.[2]

The conflict represented the first time that a war between multiple ONE and Terra countries entered into full engagements across global regions, making it in essence, the beginning of another World War.

Meanwhile, Spain (also a ONE member) had prepared operations to assist its alliance by declaring France as its natural enemy a few days earlier. This was an attempt to squeeze France as Poland attempted to push into French and German lands, once again signalling an escalation of hostilities.

As a result of these developments, remaining countries of both the Terra and ONE alliances began to prepare as it seemed apparent that the inter-regional conflict was likely to spread into a global war.

Icon-art-of-warfare.gif Battle List (Mexico Campaign)

Type Date Region Attacker Defender Victor
25 Mar 2011 Southeast of Mexico Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Poland.png Poland Icon-USA.png USA
25 Mar 2011 Oaxaca Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Poland.png Poland Icon-USA.png USA
27 Mar 2011 Gulf of Mexico Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Poland.png Poland Icon-Poland.png Poland
29 Mar 2011 Southeast of Mexico Icon-Poland.png Poland Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Poland.png Poland
Icon political propose default.gif 30 Mar 2011 Poland Icon-Poland.png Poland Icon-USA.png USA
Green check.jpg
30 Mar 2011 Oaxaca Icon-Poland.png Poland Icon-USA.png USA Icon-Poland.png Poland


  • USA proposed an alliance with China which was rejected on March 28, 2011.

Tide of War

The USA would make quick headway into Polish-occupied Mexico in the early stages of the war, focusing on the rubber region of Southeast of Mexico and then attempting to secure the states along the eastern side of Mexico. Swift advances came to a halt when the USA failed to secure Gulf of Mexico. This would allow Poland to begin counter-attacks against the territories it had lost during the initial assault.

Eventually, the USA was forced out of lower Mexico by Polish forces, and Mexico (as a renewed state) was revived, acting as a temporary buffer zone between the two belligerents.

On April 1, 2001 Mexico signed a MPP with Poland, potentially threatening the US southern border. On April 5, 2011 Mexico successfully won a resistance war for the territory of Baja, liberating the area after a sustained US ownership dating back to the Second USA-Mexico War.

As a result of the newly emerged Mexico buffer-zone, the United States began pursing direct conflict with Spain through US-occupied territories in allied-Portugal in an attempt to assist its European Terra states during the USA-Spain War. This ultimately would take the US further into World War V.

Icon-art-of-warfare.gif Renewed Fighting

After a period of calm, in which Poland and the USA had no territories in contact with one another, renewed fighting between the two forces would begin again on April 12, 2011 when Poland launched an attack upon Delaware through its newly conquered territories in France.

At the same time, Mexico would ally with Poland and attack the USA territory of New Mexico, initiating the first battle of the Mexico-USA War.

Spain, a ONE member-state like Poland, had also recently conquered Maryland during the USA-Spain War. This would place the USA in the precarious position of fighting a three-front war in its own homeland.

During this time Canada would assist the USA by strategically securing a series of states along the US Eastern Seaboard, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Minnesota, and the former US Capital of Florida.

On April 16, 2011 the USA and its Terra and EDEN allies would launch their first major counter-offensive of the war, liberating much of the ONE occupied territories in North America and once again attacking the Spanish mainland.

Canadian forces had occupied New Jersey as part of a Terra land-swap, however, the region was attacked and conquered by Poland on April 16th. The USA would then launch a resistance war in an attempt to return it to US ownership.

On April 23, 2011 United States resistance forces successfully expelled Poland from the United States. Poland was pursuing its campaign in the Poland-Brazil War and had suffered a series of defeats against Brazil, as well as resistance wars in France and Germany.

Battle List (American Campaign)

Date Attacker Region Defender Result
Apr 12, 2011
Day 1239
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Region-Delaware.png Delaware
Flag-USA.png USA
Icon conquered.jpg Flag-Poland.jpg
Apr 18, 2011
Day 1245
Resistance-forces.png American Resistance
Region-New Jersey.png New Jersey
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Icon secured.jpg Flag-Poland.jpg
Apr 22, 2011
Day 1249
Resistance-forces.png American Resistance
Region-Delaware.png Delaware
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Icon-RW.gif Flag-USA.jpg
Apr 23, 2011
Day 1250
Resistance-forces.png American Resistance
Region-New Jersey.png New Jersey
Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Icon-RW.gif Flag-USA.jpg


Though there was no official peace treaty signed between both nations, after Poland expelled from the USA, defeated in the Poland-Brazil War, and lost its Mexican colonies, the two belligerents found themselves without a common border. Considering the geographical location of both nations, direct fighting became impossible.

Despite this, both countries continued attacks against each other through various MPPs resulting from the established Terra and ONE alliances, though could no longer actively attack each other.

The animosity would spread to other regions of the world as World War V continued to rage throughout the globe.


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