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Near the end of the invasion of the USA by PEACE GC, when the USA was down to one state, President Emerick managed to cleverly trick Indonesia into signing a Peace Agreement which wiped their MPP with Portugal. This left the Portuguese front to be the weakest so the President of Portugal was forced to sign a treaty Giving America 11 regions for 500g or risk losing all it's over-seas Possessions and a possible Invasion of it's Homeland.[1] Portugal retreat the regions to the USA and the Confederate States of America was born.

Terms of the Treaty

A The following contract agreement pertains to the nations of Portugal (PT) and the United States of America (USA). The two countries mentioned will be represented by their currently acting Presidents.

B The currently acting Presidents are listed below.

PT : President Raikael

USA: President Emerick

2.A A non-aggression pact (NAP) is to be declared at the signing of this contract agreement.

2.B The NAP will last from day 647 to day 827 of the New World; six months.

2.C The NAP will require that no attacks shall be made by PT or USA against the other via the attack option unless described elsewhere in this contract agreement.

2.D A peace proposal must be passed through both PT and USA congress before the end of the six month cycle, or before Day 826 of the New World.

2.E If one country fails to pass the proposal by the given time as outlined in 2.D, they are in violation of the contract agreement and admin intervention is permitted.

3.A Following the signing of this contract agreement, all PT-held original regions of USA must be handed over to the USA within fourteen (14) days.

3.B If a region is under attack by the USA, PT President must use the retreat option immediately for the first five regions attacked. If a region has resistance war, the PT President must authorize to fight for resistance side. Any other attacks after the first five must have the retreat option used before the end of the battle.

3.C All first attacks will be paid by the USA.

3.D If an attack fails, PT will then have to pay to have it properly handed over to the USA via resistance war within 24 hours of its failure.

3.E If an attack fails for a second time, then PT is in violation of the contract agreement.

4.A The USA shall make a monthly payment of 100 GOLD from the USA treasury to the PT treasury for five months via donation from their national banks.

4.B The USA has a thirty (30) day period from the most recent payment to make the next one. Failure will result in a violation of the contract agreement.

4.C Upon the signing of this contract agreement, the USA must make its first payment within seventy-two (72) hours of its signing.

4.D The USA shall at any time pay off the total amount (500 GOLD) between the first and fifth payment and will be exempt from any additional payments as outlined in Line 4.B.

4.E The term "national banks" as outlined in Line 4.A is defined as the organization with which the respective countries use for their monetary accounts.

4.F Recognized banks by this contract agreement are written below. PT : Governo ePortugues ( ) USA: Congressional Budget Office ( )

5.A Violation of the contract agreement warrants a single fine of 5,000 GOLD from the offender to the offended.

5.B The violation must be paid from the offender's national bank to the offended's national bank, as described in Lines 4.E and 4.F.

5.C Violations can be paid to where 1,000 GOLD will be paid once every month for a five month long payment cycle.

5.E If a payment cycle is required, as outlined in Line 5.C, it will have the same limitations as outlined in Line 4.B.

5.F At any time the offending nation can pay off the remaining debt or a larger portion than the required 1,000 GOLD - to be accredited to its overall debt.

5.G If after five (5) months, or one hundred and fifty (150) days, 5,000 GOLD has not been paid successfully, admin intervention will be permitted to right the debt.

6.A This contract agreement is to be signed by the named Presidents by having a copy of this contract agreement with the phrase "I agree with the Contract terms" below or above the contract body.

6.B If the signature is modified or deleted in any way, admin intervention is authorized to restore the altered signature and a fine of 100 GOLD is to be paid from the national bank of the offending representative to the national bank of the offended.

6.C This contract agree can become temporarily null, and all terms outlined in Section 2 will be unenforceable, if both currently-acting presidents of the USA and PT post "I authorize this contract agreement be void from Day (INSERT) at (INSERT TIME) to Day (INSERT) at (INSERT TIME)." After the voiding, the contract agreement will be unenforceable until the end of the second day mentioned.

6.D This contract agreement shall last unless explicitly outlined elsewhere in the contract agreement, as described in Line 2.B