USA-Portugal War

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USA-Portugal War
Date December 12, 2008 –
Location Azores, Mexico
Result ongoing
Flag-USA.jpg USA Flag-Portugal.jpg Portugal
Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-USA.jpg Uncle Sam Flag-PEACE.jpg Arthk,
Flag-Portugal.jpg hideway

War between the USA and Portugal was declared on December 12, 2008. No fighting took place until late January, with a failed US attack on the Azores, and another in early February. The US invasion of Mexico at the end of February generated Portuguese fears of a new attack, along with widespread sympathy for Mexico. At the urging of President hideway, the Portuguese congress rejected a proposed peace treaty and resolved to fight on behalf of the Mexicans' freedom.[1]

Purple arrows: USA advance
Light blue arrows: USA attack repulsed
Green arrows: Mexican advance
Red arrows: Portuguese advance

Operation Tequila Sunrise

On March 10, PEACE Secretary-General Arthk announced a nine-nation force, led by Portugal, would drive the USA out of Mexico. [2] Shortly after the US had occupied the Mexican Southeast of Mexico region, Operation Tequila Sunrise was launched. The allies defeated US forces in the Southeast of Mexico, and pursued them into Oaxaca region. Meanwhile, the Mexicans broke out of their last bastions in Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Coast of Mexico and retook the Northwest of Mexico region. Portuguese victory in Oaxaca was then accompanied by a Mexican victory in Baja. On March 15, Portugal took Valley of Mexico and the USA retreated from the Northeast of Mexico, completing the expulsion of the invasion.

Last stages of Tequila Sunrise

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