USA-Russia War

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USA-Russia War
Map of USA-Russia War
Date 13 May 2009 –
-14 May 2009
Location Far Eastern Russia
Result Led to the Great War of 2009
Flag-USA.jpg USA Flag-Russia.jpg Russia
Commanders and Leaders
scrabman GLaDOS

The USA-Russia war was a brief conflict between the 13th and 14th of May, 2009 (Day 540-541), coinciding with the Hungarian attacks on Donbas and Podolia, the Indonesian attack on Western Siberia, a Spanish attack on Portugal, and Canada assaulting France.

American Assault

Coinciding with other PEACE and ATLANTIS attacks, the USA attacked Far Eastern Russia on 13 May 2009. Although American soldiers were able to force the wall down throughout the day, Russian forces focused their attacks overnight and by the end of the battle on 14 May, had won the fight. Russia narrowly won FER by roughly 30000 damage with 9 MPPs on its side. The USA dealt out approximately 780000 total damage in the battle.

Battle Heroes

For Russia, chebbba dealt 12040 damage during the battle.

For the USA, former US President Benn Dover dealt 27798 damage.


Upon the close of the battle on 14 May 2009, hostilities ended between the belligerents, although a peace agreement was not made by the nations' Congresses, leaving the war open. Russia and the USA coexisted relatively peacefully until 14 July 2009, when Russia invaded Alaska in the opening moves of the Great War of 2009.