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“The United States Workers Party Scandal” occurred in the United States of America during the ATLANTIS invasion of France in December 2008. The United States Workers Party was the largest party in the US, and the New World, controlling 37% of the United States Congress at the time and had, in the last election, declared support for President Benn Dover, arguably providing him enough votes to win the election he otherwise would not have won.

William Shafer, a US Army general, not long after, released an article claiming that the USWP leaders were orchestrating a plan to undermine the President to stop the war under the assumption that President Dover had lied to Congress about the reasons for the war. Dover had claimed that the US was participating to liberate Switzerland from France, but in light of an ATLANTIS attempt to totally conquer France, the truth of this claim was disputed and a media firestorm ensured.

Before the declaration of war, France had negotiated with Switzerland for their independence, and there was no concrete proof that the Swiss formally requested ATLANTIS intervention. Some, in the USWP and elsewhere, called the war imperialistic rather than an act of heroism. Former US President, Prime Minister Dishmcds, United Kingdom, argued that the French Congress had voted ‘no’ to Swiss independence, leading to a public relations fiasco in the United States for all involved in the affair. To make matters worse, USWP leader Rocco Baldelli published an ardent campaign article to stop the war and bring all the troops to retreat. The USWP was in talks with the French President and pushing for an end to war in foreign media, which General Shafer called ‘treasonous,’ and President Dover agreed.

A debate broke out between those who called themselves pro-war and those who called themselves anti-imperialists. Some called for the downfall of the USWP, and many asserted that there was no evidence of treachery, and a faction claimed that President Dover was slandering the USWP to garner support for his war.

There was no clean resolution to the ‘scandal,’ with Shafer leaving for Russia, President Dover stepping down after a second term, and the USWP putting the event behind them. There was not much talk in the media after the fact.