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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active



General Information
Disbanded May 14th, 2016[1]
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Access policy Invite Only

U.T.M.G (United Turkish Military Group) was a private - by invitation only - military unit of Turkey, build on a previous Ottomans military unit. In the commemoration to the founder of the unit, unit was later renamed to Super Soldiers.

Official organization of the unit was UTMG Bank, where official newspaper (Voice~of~U.T.M.G.) of the unit were held.


MU Decoration MU tournament top 50.pngMU Decoration MU tournament 1.pngMU Decoration MU tournament 2.pngMU Decoration 5th MU tournament 2.pngDecoration 4th MU tournament 2.pngDecoration 4th MU tournament 3.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Ground 1.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Ground 2.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Damage Ground 3.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Ground 1.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Ground 2.pngMU Decoration Leaderboards Kills Ground 3.pngMU Decoration 5th MU tournament 1.pngDecoration 3rd MU tournament 1.png

Chain of command

UMTG leadership
Logo Name Position Level Rank
M0Sey M0Sey Commander 174 Legends of Turkey: VyC ARG Battalion I
KITAR0 KITAR0 2nd Commander 128 Titan*
BilgeKagan69 BilgeKagan69 2nd Commander 89 Titan
super_soldier super soldier Captain (Reg1) 135 Titan**
Aykut Bulent Aykut Bulent Captain (Reg2) 67 God of War ***

Super Soldier

Avatar used by super soldier.
UTMG soldiers were deeply saddened by the loss of their Commander, a dear friend and the founding member of U.T.M.G MU - super soldier.
 She was smart, beautiful, caring and always a true lady... She had a loving gentle soul. We've known Hatice for over five years, and never heard her complain over her battle against cancer... We are lost of words...

With the joint collaborative effort and the support of YOU, the caring citizens of eRepublik, our fallen heroes will never be forgotten!

Our beloved commander and friend Super Soldier has been memorialized by receiving the Angel's Wings.
Rest in Peace Sister...
(UTMG soldiers)

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