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"Memento mori"

General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Colors Black, White and Blue

The Ultramilitia was a private military unit in the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom, founded on Day 1,622 by missingno and disbanded on day 1,681 when Don Dapper renamed it to The British Bulldogs.


Ultramilitia was set up with the purpose to serve ONE countries in battles. Although it was situated in the United Kingdom it fought for all allies of the ONE.

From its establishment the unit adopted an internal ranking system. With 4 ranks this allowed members to work harder to gain better titles as well as to encourage them to join the commune system where they could work for supplies.

Less than a month later the unit reduced its possible ranks to 3 and also decided to become a more United Kingdom orientated military unit, fighting primarily to liberate the UK from Canada which at that time held most of the UK's regions.


UM rank bar

The unit currently has 3 achieveable ranks. The diagonal bar on the MU uniform indicates the rank.

 1 bar - Officer 3rd class
 2 bars - Officer 2nd class
 3 bars - Officer 1st class (Highest rank)

Notable Strikes

The Ultramilitia unit will often set a specific battle as a target and call it a strike. This is where supplies will be given out and damage will be coordinated via the IRC channel to inflict most damage and attempt to win every round.

Yorkshire and Humberside

On day 1,630 the unit attempted to liberate Yorkshire & Humberside from the USA. The battle recieved no ONE priority and the unit faced fighters from USA alone. This strike was unsucessful but managed to coordinate damage and win a total of 4 rounds, with members of the unit in the top 5 of almost all the battles which were won.


On day 1,681 an official article was published announcing that the unit was being disbanded due to commander missingno growing inactive and not being able to keep up with supplying all the members of the unit. The disbandment was accepted by most members and it was agreed that the Ultramilitia had a good run and had reached the goals it had set it self.

The unit was sold to Don Dapper.