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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Umbrella Corporation
Logo of Umbrella Corporation
Owners Drake Koeth, Don Keedick
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Subsidiaries Umbrella Weapons
Umbrella News
Founded 26 November 2008
Founder Don Keedick

The Umbrella Corporation was one of the oldest and an influential international organization in all military, political, economic, and social sectors in the game. According to the Koeth Policy, created by Manong Rizal (Director of Foreign Recruits of the Koeth Administration), signed by Drake Koeth (CEO and Director of Military Affairs), the Corporation was inclined to seek political influence in the eUSA due to its origins, hence the Umbrella Research Party and the Corporation's top political frontrunner and Director of Political Affairs, Don Keedick. The organization also helped oppressed nations, ridding it from its oppressors. With that in mind, the organization stands as a freedom fighting entity! With great economical prowess as well, including an array of businesses, the organization is able to pursue greater means in economics.


Umbrella was broken up into six different divisions, overseen by their respective Directors. Collectively, along with the CEO and the Elders, the Directors make up the Umbrella Board of Directors.

Military Operations

As the name suggests, this Division run Umbrella's private paramilitary organization, the Umbrella Corps. The Corps was tasked with moving around internationally to support, and even initiate, Resistance wars aimed at liberating oppressed regions. It also assisted in the defense of nations that are being wrongly attacked.

Past conflicts involving the Corps include World War III, the Resistance Wars that liberated Kansas and Texas from eColombian occupation, and the defense of Belgium during the eUnited Kingdom's attacks on that nation.

Roster of Directors:

Political Affairs

This Division overseed Umbrella's political activities within any given country. The Corporation's main political presence was within the United States of America in the form of the Umbrella Research Party. The Party President was Don Keedick.

Roster of Directors:

Foreign Recruits

This division managed and executed the Umbrella World Network, recruited members outside of the USA, and sent ambassadors to other nations and entities.

Roster of Directors:


The Umbrella Corporation was a group initially founded by Don Keedick with the partnership of Ben Marcus for the major movement of improving the life of citizens. The Corporation wished to strengthen the economy by increasing domestic business in order to better the eUSA economy. By doing so, organization was able to be self-sufficient while providing jobs to citizens of all skill levels that provide wages beyond what is necessary to stay alive.

The Umbrella Corporation was initially started by Don Keedick with Ben Marcus being a strong supporter from the start. A short time after founding Umbrella, Ben went missing. He was never heard from again and has subsequently died. A short time later Don met Dale Marks. Dale was a full supporter of Umbrella and its ideals. The two have since come together to head all Umbrella operations. Don later on went missing himself, leaving Dale Marks to take over day to day operations. Over the months, Umbrella has restructured it's internal positions, expanded and diversified both it's domestic and foreign industrial operations, while establishing a firm foothold in the United States and Denmark.

Roster of CEOs

  • Don Keedick (Founder)
  • Dale Marks
  • Carlos
  • Dale Marks (2nd Administration)
  • Drake Koeth (Last known CEO)

Off-site Forum

The Corporation managed an off-site forum for all current or prospective members. There wasn't a definitive membership. Those who were interested in our cause and provided their support were considered to be members. The forum is here: Umbrella Corporation Forums