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Uncle Sam

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth March 2008
Date of death August 2009
Residence Texas
Newspaper The Patriot's Ramblings
President of USA
6 February 2009 – 22 March 2009
Preceded by Justinious McWalburgson III
Succeeded by Scrabman
Congress member of USA
26 October 2008 – 5 February 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account suspended for usage of multiple accounts

Uncle Sam was a citizen of the United States of America.

Uncle Sam has been a contributing member to eRepublik since March. He has taken active stances on world issues, has served his country in numerous ways and takes part in the global community. Uncle Sam mostly analyzes eRepublik and attempts to make a difference wherever he can. He has been extremely active in the media by writing several articles as guides to eRepublik during the Beta period, including:

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Uncle Sam's Life

The Patriot is Born

On March 3rd, Uncle Sam was invited to the world of erepublik by his good personal friend Benn Dover. Benn had already been playing for about 3 months at that time and was well established. The odd thing about Uncle Sam was that when he came to erepublik he already knew much of the game and it's functions, as he used to be a member of the new world, only under a different alias. Right away he started to get involved, economically. Being given his first Job at AmmuNation by Benn Dover, he started to work, collect money and toy with the monetary market.

The First Occupations of Uncle Sam

After figuring out the monetary market and acquiring some loans from various friends he made over the span of a week, Uncle Sam bought himself a moving company that already had exports to Portugal and China. He named this company International Transport, and still owns it to this day. Being active by joining the Democratic Party and running for Mayor of Pennsylvania against Jesus Cristo (and losing) proved his intent to be an active player.

Harrisburg Bank and Komodavaron This was a turning point in Uncle Sam's life. It started with the founding of Harrisburg Bank, set up to make better business connections with Benn Dover. Both of them built up a stock of money and started giving loans and worked with the monetary market. This started the world famous team of Uncle Benn in the economy. Together these two would eventually own one of the largest corporations in the world.

One day Sam ran into a fellow by the name of Komodavaron. This man had already offered to buy Benn Dover's company, AmmuNation for the sum of Icon - Gold.gif 105 GOLD. Seeing this an opportunity, Sam contacted the fellow and offered to sell him International Transport, which he upgraded to Q2, for Icon - Gold.gif 185 GOLD. Komodavaron accepted this offer and bought both companies. Only a day later he was banned. Both companies were forever put onto the list of suspended companies. Luckily for Uncle Sam, however, he managed to get Komodavaron to sign a contract that stated if Komodavaron was banned, the company International Transport would be returned to Uncle Sam. And so, the company was saved. With this large amount of gold, the Patriot bought two companies, a Q2 housing company that he quickly upgraded to Q3, and the Q3 Gifts company, Heart of Gold, founded by the first president, Korbin King.

The DoD and Dishmcds

So far in his life, Uncle Sam had help getting around from other senior players. One of which was Benn Dover, who had great connections with the leadership in the US. Another was Nave, the newly elected President. Most influential however was the assistance of Dishmcds. After seeing Sam run into such great fortune and his witty outlook on eRepublik, Dish took the Uncle under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of social relations with fellow countrymen.

He helped to build Uncle Sam up in the ranks by giving him a government position in the DoD (Department of Defense). This job was Mobil Defense Teams, north division leader, a big task at the time given the size of the US and the organization it took to mobilize a relatively inactive population base. With this position, Dish gave him access to higher up information, and planning of the Canadian War started.

The Canadian War

As many know, the war against Canada was one of the biggest events in the history of the USA. Uncle Sam’s involvement in this event started with a simple PM to Nave about expanding economical possibilities. Those conversations eventually lead to the possibility of war to help sell out extra stocks. After talking with Nave about declaring war on a neighboring country, most preferably Canada, the two had come to a decision. Later on the DoD level 2, forums Dish announced that Nave gave the command to prepare for war against Canada.

Planning Begins: The initial excitement over this was overwhelming. Uncle Sam was a part of the behind the scenes actions in higher up government, and helping to organize the worlds first war. Their first instructions were to move the MDT to Saint Paul, a bordering region from the US to Canada. Discretely, US forces moved towards the northern border in preparation for the war. Uncle Sam had his team stationed in Saint Paul while others were stationed in Albany. Then came the waiting game until the war was released.

War Breaks Loose: The US discovered that war did not involve soldiers solely from bordering regions, and the Canadians realized that they were in for one hell of a fight. Despite setbacks, Uncle Sam and his fellow leaders kept trudging through the mess of what was the Canadian War. Uncle Sam changed his newspaper from “The Word” to “The Daily Wartime Coverage”. He made daily reports on the war effort and also fought on the front lines against Canadians, Swedes and the Spanish freedom fighters.

Behind the Scenes: Some stories not usually told about this war is what executive decisions went on in the old US chat room. Uncle Sam contributed many ideas that could have proven to be very successful if implement in the field of war tactics and which regions should be attacked. Nave and Esoom, however, argued that going for Canada’s capital first would be more effective. At this time Uncle Sam found a new hobby and love in eRepublik, the study of war tactics.

Post War Blues

After the war was over, there were many mixed feelings about the USA future. Although the US did not lose any land, they still suffered a horrible loss. Uncle Sam, like many other Americans, felt the sting of this loss and lost hope in the country. One of the biggest reason was the state of the US economy. Postwar damages left the markets in shambles, employees had little to no wellness, and very little was being produced.

During these times many would look to the thriving economies of foreign countries, especially Pakistan. At that time, Uncle Sam had read the book of Dio, a truly enlightening read. He claimed that it showed him the light and that he would someday retire to Pakistan. That dream almost became a reality for the young and hurt Patriot, however, being a part of Congress held him back.

These were by far the worst times for Sam as he struggled along to keep his three companies afloat. The only thing that kept him going was the fungasms that he had with friends such as Emerick, Diar and Moose in the chat room. Had it not been for the entertaining active crowd that existed in the USA, Uncle Sam may have found himself ending his eLife early. Despite these hard economic times in his homeland, things were about to change for this Patriot, as soon a new wind was about to blow.


After Nave we re-elected for his third term as president, Uncle Sam began to help stabilize the economy with both his companies, and his control over the monetary market on Harrisburg Bank. While this was a tough job, it had to be done. This time was also quite difficult for Uncle Sam, however, there were other things that helped him to stay afloat.

Mongoose Corp: During this time of reconstruction, market prices were going crazy. This created friction between many different business owners. Dishmcds, the owner of Colorado Savings and Loans, started to offer higher employee salaries in order to increase productivity that would match increased market prices that followed the Canadian War. This caused a panic among many other business owners, especially Uncle Sam as he was competing with Dish in every market. Sam approached Dish and made him an offer that would combine both of their businesses. After giving it some thought, Dish agreed and together they created Mongoose Corp. This became the SO that allowed Sam to work for either himself of other employees, getting his skill up while still managing his companies. Together for a while Dish and Sam built up the companies.

Vienna HOLDING: Shortly after the founding of Mongoose, a new economic powerhouse showed up in the USA. Vienna HOLDING took root and began building companies. Taking advantage of the recent inflation, they started driving employee wages way up through competition and the demand for employees via poaching. Uncle Sam and Dish, having merged to form a corporation that was meant to work together for the benefit of the country, could not stand for the increasing employee wages. They fought hard against the presence of Vienna HOLDING and attempted to boycotts of their products. Uncle Sam made an enemy those days and for quite a while had a grudge against Vienna's business practices. Dish, however, took a more open approach to the situation and eventually accepted Vienna to a certain degree. After dealing with Vienna, it was one of the last times the Dish and Sam would work together.

The Democratic Party

After Nave was elected, Uncle Sam decided to run for Democratic Party President against Benn Dover. in short, he lost after a tough fight. This did not deter Uncle Sam however as he wished to continue being politically active. still participating in Congress he moved forward during Naves the last term and stuck with US politics as his friends moved in different directions. Benn Dover was heading off towards the life of a war merc while Nave was retiring in the US to go on a personal vacation in Greece. A newfound friend, Justinious was moving to run for president as well.

Benn took his leave at the end of the month when General elections came around and Dish became president. At that time, he gave the Democratic party over to Uncle Sam who started doing his usual analysis of the situation. During this time as Democratic Party President, Uncle Sam did not stay at his post the entire time. His friend Archibald was his vice president and while Uncle Sam was beginning to enjoy his mobility from being out of Congress, Archibald took Party President position during Uncle Sam's trips overseas to stock up on cheap products. Sadly, due to a bug with the monetary market Uncle Sam was not about to return the night of party elections, and so he was not on the ballot. Without this official title anymore, even though it was known that had he been on the ballot Uncle Sam would have won, Archibald kept the position and it was never returned to Sam.

The Life of a War Mercenary

After Uncle Sam lost the Democratic Party, he had to find something else to do within erepublik. Politics had gotten boring for him at the time, and holding a government position was too much work for him while he was going to be on vacation for the summer. Finding something fun and constructive with his Life that required little work was key. At this point, Benn Dover offered for Uncle Sam to join him in his war mercing life. After studying all kinds of war tactics through the fights that the US had been involved with after the Canadian War, Uncle Sam accepted the offer and began his new life as a War Mercenary.

South Africa: Uncle Sam began his fighting as a war merc in South Africa against Indonesia. There he made many connections, became more familiar with other war mercs, some on his side and others that he fought. These figures would be a part of his life for quite a while as the war mercing community was tight. Everyone knew everyone else through the battlefield and South Africa began this fun experience for Uncle Sam. Despite being paid very little to fight, it got him wins and rank while learning the ropes of war more closely.

Czech Republic: The next fight that Uncle Sam got involved with was the one between Hungary and Czech Republic. There he met a lot of the same people fighting, mostly from the USA since it had become the war hub of the world with many MPP's and a Q4 hospital. War merc flocked to the USA and fought from there or fought for Hungary. Pay this time around was a bit better as some of the people he fought against in the last war were now fighting on his side. So goes the life of a War Mercenary Uncle Sam learned as it is not allegiance to a particular country that drives mercenaries, but gold.

Turkey: This was the most interesting war that Uncle Sam fought in. Accumulating many wins in this war, Sam and Benn found themselves with piles of gold. Due to international reputation, the two established good relations with Selcuk, the president of Turkey and arranged it so that they would have a huge budget set aside just for fighting and conquering regions as the critical times of war. The payout at the end of this conquest was huge and helped to build up personal stocks of money within Harrisburg Bank. After this war sadly, Uncle Sam retired the life of War Mercenary as he longed to return to his homeland of the USA and get involved once again.

Capital Bank of America

For the General Elections of September 1st, Benn Dover was not allowed to vote because of the new rule of remaining in a country for 10 days at a time. Frustrated at this fact, and not wanting to be denied his right to vote, Benn Dover cast his vote on the SO of Harrisburg Bank. This was caught by the admins, and the SO that was so well known in the USA was about to be banned. Graciously, however, the Admins gave the two time to move all of companies and money over to a new SO. And so, Capital Bank of America was born! This new SO, that moved to every country around the world had access to every monetary market and held all of Uncle Sam's and Benn Dover's Companies (excluding the ones that couldn't be held due to more that one company in a certain domain, these were help on mongoose). At this point, Dish had stopped with his interactions with mongoose and so Uncle Sam gave Benn access to that account. Now focusing together, the two lifelong friends began once again to build up companies and establish the world famous organization Capital Bank of America.

Settling Down

After living the crazy life of a war merc, in the month of August, Uncle Sam returned home to the USA. His life became much simpler as he started to write many articles and once again establish himself in his homeland. He started to focus more on his companies as he, along with Benn Dover, was beginning a major project to gain a large number of employees for their Q4 weapons company, Guns N' Stuff. This took up a lot of his time as owning 3 different weapons companies to train employees was a lot of work. During these times, Archibald was president and things seemed to be running smoothly thus far. Sadly, training employees to get them up to Q4 level took a lot of Benn and Sam's capital away and they lost a great deal of money trying to build up their companies. These then became hard economic times for businesses all around the country, as suddenly it seemed as if Archibald had gone inactive as a president.

The Race for President

Seeing his countries economy falling apart, seeing massive overproduction occurring, Uncle Sam felt the inspiration to take action. In his mind he decided to run for president of the USA, however, one thing was stopping him, the support of a major political party. Since Sam's loyalties were first to the Democratic Party, he contacted Archibald to see if he would allow Sam to run. Back in those times, you had to be the party president of one of the top 5 parties in order to be on the ballot. Unfortunately, due to the high tension that had been created between the two back during Uncle Sam's time as Party President, Archibald would no longer talk to Sam. The Patriot then went looking to other parties, such as the RfC, where Ron Paul was Party President. This did not end well even though Ron had no intention of running, but was Justinious's running mate. Roby Petric of the USWP was also another option, however not a very open one as they would only support someone from their own party. All in all, Uncle Sam could not find one of the top 5 parties to back him up.

The NAFAA: Desperate to get into the race, Uncle Sam went to the next best option, the 6th placed party. The NAFAA, (The National Association for the Advancement of America) was lead by Evan Bayh at that time. Uncle Sam approached Evan and suggested that he lend the party to Sam. In return, Uncle Sam promised that he would get the party into the top five and keep it well established in America's politics. Evan agreed and gave party presidency to Uncle Sam to begin the race.

The Struggle for Membership: One of Uncle Sam's greatest challenges was to pass the Democratic party in membership to get into the top 5. at the time Uncle Sam became party president, the NAFAA was at 83 members while the Democratic party was at 170. Despite his original loyalties to the Democratic Party, he knew what had to be done, although it wouldn't be easy. Many people in the new IRC chat room for the USA told Sam that his mission was impossible, however, the fiery Patriot never lost heart. Enlisting the help of many who believed in his cause, he and his supporters began a massive PM campaign to get people to join the NAFAA.

Success! After a long week of heightened activity by everyone on his team, Uncle Sam passed the Democratic party in membership with two days to spare into the election race. Sam had done much at that time, personally sending out over 300 PM's to citizens, mostly Democratic Party members, while writing many campaign articles proved to be quite a feat. He also changed the name of the party from the NAFAA to the AAP (America's Advancement Party), this name stuck with the party forever more. He, of course, could not do it alone, and personally thanked all of his biggest supporting members. This was one of Uncle Sam's greatest accomplishments, and it was forever given to his credit.

Election Day: After running such a massive campaign, when it was time to count the votes, things did not look as good as they seemed. As Uncle Sam and Took Lowind, his running mate, watched the votes being counted up, Immunogenic was ahead, and mainly because of party line voting. Despite suffering a loss that indeed hurt quite a lot, Uncle Sam gained much out of this experience. He established himself as a leading politician in the country. He took part in the first ever voice debate which made history in eRepublik, and he also found a new political home in the USA. Ever since, Uncle Sam would stay with the AAP for better or for worse, even though hard times were still ahead.

Evan Bayh and the October Elections

After the elections, Uncle Sam returned to writing articles and doing his usual business stuff while still maintaining his political power. As agreed, he stepped down from the AAP party presidency and started to wait for the next election. He and Evan Bayh made an agreement that if Uncle Sam did not run for party president, then he would be allowed to run for country president again in October. in the meantime, Uncle Sam started working on membership recruitment to boost the party's size after they had gotten so much momentum through the past elections. Pretty soon, the excitement of October Elections came around and Uncle Sam once again got fired up to run for president.

Evan Bayh and his deception: Evan Bayh had privately made the decision to run for country president behind Uncle Sam's back. This was something that Sam would approve of, and so it became a full out argument between the two. Evan used cheap tactics to gain the party's approval to run, even though everyone knew he had no chance of winning. Evan took credit for the increase in membership size for the party. He demoted Uncle Sam to the point when Congress was chosen, he would not be a part of it. This began a huge conflict between the two that would resolve after the General Elections.

A Vice President's Awakening: After being so rudely forced out of an opportunity to run for president, Uncle Sam was approached by his great friend, previous opponent and die-hard politician, Justinious to be his Vice President in the race. Uncle Sam accepted this offer and began campaigning against Evan Bayh and the others with Justinious. The Competition that election was fierce, with Daphne Lilac, running under the Lib's banner and Roby Petric running with the USWP. It was a tough election and despite the effort put forth by Uncle San and Justinious, party-line voting prevailed once again. The USWP, most active and largest party, won while getting their candidate Roby Petric into office. This loss crushed Justinious more than it did Sam, however, the pain was felt by both.

Backlash Against Evan Bayh:
After the General Elections, Uncle Sam began to campaign solely against Evan Bayh for his treachery. With so much on his side, Uncle Sam did all in his power to politically bitch slap Evan out of office. Despite being so active, Uncle Sam did not want to party presidency of the AAP, and so he collaborated with Citizen HEM to get Bayh out of office. When party elections came around, Evan Bayh knew he was defeated, but he wouldn't give up so easily. He changed the party name to racial slurs and wrote an article revealing how he was a multi-accounter. Despite the win for Uncle Sam and HEM, the party still suffered greatly due to Evan's irrational behavior, and membership dropped greatly.

V1 and V1 testing

Beta was coming to a close and all that was normal in eRepublik was about to change. Uncle Sam was one of the top few to was given the privilege of testing V1 before it was released. About a week before the actual release of V1, Uncle Sam and his fellow V1 testers caught a first glimpse of what eRepublik was to be. Many did not approve of the trivia module, and Uncle Sam did not find many things about V1 attractive. He felt deep down that eRepublik was going down a bad path with the transition to V1 and was tempted to quit. He enjoyed his last few days in Beta, but eventually, that time in eRepublik would be gone forever.

In V1 things slowed down for the Patriot, he did not enjoy Erepublik like he used to. The media became less attractive to him, running companies seemed pointless, and because of real life issues, he went more or less inactive for about 3 weeks. He did end up running in the November 5th General Election, however, did not campaign for it at all. At that time his friend Benn Dover won the elections and the country started to fix itself under his command. After a while, Uncle Sam decided to get involved again and started writing articles, started managing his companies with Benn again. Although he lost a lot of credibility for leaving for quite a while, the Patriot bounced back to what you see today.

First Impeachment Proposal

On the last day of Congress in February (Day 463), AidenAstrup proposed an impeachment of President Uncle Sam, according to him as a joke. Although expected to be rapidly voted down, at one point it received the necessary 66% of votes needed to impeach the president.

Several citizens saw fit to denounce both congress for voting to impeach and AidenAstrup, for proposing what they viewed as an unwarranted impeachment. In the end, the proposal was defeated, concluding with 40:23 votes against it[1].

Second Impeachment Proposal

A mere 15 days later (Day 478), ProggyPop (Party President of the USWP) called for the Impeachment of Uncle Sam. This was the closest Impeachment vote in the History of US Congress. Uncle Sam narrowly escaped impeachment with a vote of 23:24[2].

Third Impeachment Proposal

This proposal passed, this is the proposal that kicked Uncle Sam out of office. This proposal was proposed on Day 487 by chimichonga barbosa. It passed with a whopping 31:10 by Congress, in which Uncle Sam voted yes to his own impeachment proposal[3].

Government offices
Preceded by
Justinious McWalburgson III
10th President of the United States of America
February 6, 2009 - March 22, 2009
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